Optimizing Pharmaceutical Production with the Pharmapack LFM-24 Modular Counter

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical production, precision and efficiency are paramount. The introduction of the Pharmapack LFM-24 Modular Counter has set a new standard for tablet counting machines, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design.


Efficient Tablet Handling with the LFM-24

The working principle of the Pharmapack LFM-24 Modular Counter ensures a streamlined and error-free tablet counting process. Tablets are effortlessly loaded into the hopper, either manually or automatically, and make their way onto the vibratory plates. These plates, equipped with adjustable vibration frequencies, guide the tablets through 24 tunnels, leading them to optic detection tunnels.


Precision Counts with Optic Detection

As tablets traverse the 24 optic detection tunnels, sensors meticulously count each one with the precision required in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The relevant control system ensures an accurate tally of the tablets, which accumulate on the strategically positioned nozzle gate. When the predetermined tablet count is reached, the tunnel gate closes, and the nozzle gate opens, allowing the tablets to elegantly fill the awaiting bottle via precisely directed nozzles.


Intelligent Bottle Positioning Control

The tablet counting machine goes beyond mere counting; it incorporates an intelligent bottle positioning control system. Comprising the bottle fixing screw, the electric eye, and the baffle cylinder, this system guarantees accuracy and efficiency in the filling process. The horizontal position of the fixing screw is adjustable, ensuring that the nozzle aligns directly above the bottle mouth for a seamless transfer of tablets.


Filling and Orthotopic Adjustment

The system allows for easy adjustment of the screw's phase, providing flexibility in the filling process. Manual placement of the bottle ensures a smooth movement within the screw, aligning perfectly with the material port. This meticulous orthotopic adjustment guarantees a flawless tablet transfer process, eliminating the risk of disruptions in the pharmaceutical production line.


Station Electric Eye: An Intelligent Sentry

The inclusion of a station electric eye adds an extra layer of intelligence to the Pharmapack LFM-24. This feature actively monitors the passage of bottles through the screw. In the event of a missing bottle, the system automatically detects the absence and calculates the shortage. Subsequently, it adjusts the position of the material mouth, preventing unnecessary waste and mitigating environmental impact caused by scattered materials.



In conclusion, the Pharmapack LFM-24 Modular Counter stands as a beacon of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Its seamless integration of advanced technology and intelligent control systems ensures precision, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in tablet counting. As the pharmaceutical landscape evolves, the tablet counting machine remains at the forefront, setting new standards for excellence in pharmaceutical production.

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