Enhance Efficiency and Precision with Pharmapack's LFUT-08/12 Unscrambler Machine

At Pharmapack, we are committed to developing solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology in order to revolutionise the processes of bottle sorting and packaging. Our LFUT-08/12 turntable was developed to improve productivity and precision, and it offers easy integration into the workflow as well as unmatched levels of performance. In this piece, we will discuss the amazing capabilities that the unscrambler machine possesses, as well as how it can improve the efficiency of your production line.


Effortless Product Placement and Screw Speed Adjustment

With the LFUT-08/12 turntable, we have prioritized user convenience. Our unscrambler machine allows for easy and efficient product placement into the main unit. By manually feeding the products according to their specifications, you can seamlessly integrate them into the sorting process. Additionally, the screw speed of the turntable is adjustable, ensuring precise control over the bottle supply. Experience hassle-free product placement and optimized screw speed adjustment with Pharmapack's LFUT-08/12 turntable.


Accurate Bottle Rotation and Speed Regulation

Precision is at the heart of our LFUT-08/12 turntable. The electronic control system enables precise bottle rotation, accommodating the specific requirements of your packaging process. By utilizing the regulator, you can easily fine-tune the rotation speed to achieve optimal bottle handling. The ability to regulate the speed ensures consistent and efficient sorting, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity. Enjoy unmatched control and accuracy in bottle rotation with our state-of-the-art unscrambler machine.


Seamless Transition to the Next Work Procedure

Efficiency is key when it comes to production line integration. Pharmapack's LFUT-08/12 turntable ensures a seamless transition from bottle sorting to the next work procedure. Once the bottles are sorted, our unscrambler machine efficiently exports them to the conveyor, ready for further processing along the production line. By eliminating bottlenecks and facilitating a smooth handoff, our unscrambler machine enhances workflow continuity, reducing downtime, and optimizing overall efficiency. Experience uninterrupted productivity and streamlined operations with the LFUT-08/12 Unscrambler Machine.



Pharmapack's LFUT-08/12 turntable is a game-changer in the realm of bottle sorting and packaging. With its effortless product placement, precise bottle rotation, and seamless integration into the production line, this advanced machine offers unmatched efficiency and precision. Streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and achieve optimal bottle sorting with Pharmapack's LFUT-08/12 turntable. Trust in our expertise and innovative solutions to elevate your packaging process. Choose Pharmapack as your trusted partner and unlock a new era of efficiency and precision with the LFUT-08/12 turntable.

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