Pinnacle Performance Unleashed: Pharmapack's LFCL-15/15M Reshaping Automatic Capping Machinery

In the realm of packaging, where every second counts and precision is paramount, Pharmapack's LFCL-15/15M Inline Cap Retorquer stands tall as a symbol of excellence. In this exploration of cutting-edge automatic capping machinery, we delve into the innovative features and specifications that make the LFCL-15/15M a transformative force in the world of packaging.


LFCL-15/15M: Precision in Every Detail

More than just a machine, the LFCL-15/15M represents the epitome of precision and performance. The very model name, LFCL-15/15M, encapsulates the commitment to quality that defines Pharmapack's approach to delivering top-tier solutions. Let's unravel the features that set this capping machinery apart in the dynamic landscape of packaging.


Unmatched Velocity: Setting the Pace at 150/200 BPM

In an industry where time is synonymous with money, the LFCL-15/15M doesn't just keep up; it sets the pace. With an astounding maximum speed of 150/200 bottles per minute (BPM), this capping marvel ensures your production line operates with the agility needed to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment. Bid farewell to bottlenecks as the LFCL-15/15M transforms capping into a seamless, high-speed endeavor.


Tailored Dimensions: Perfect Fit for Every Bottle

Acknowledging the diversity in packaging needs, the LFCL-15/15M is engineered with variable dimensions in mind. Capable of accommodating bottles with diameters ranging from Φ35 to φ80 mm and heights spanning 45 to 200 mm, this capping solution offers versatility that adapts to the unique specifications of your products. From petite vials to substantial containers, the automatic capping machinery is the customized solution for your varied packaging requirements.


Technical Excellence Redefined: Beyond Surface Specifications

Mastery in Cap Diameters: Handling Φ20 to φ80 mm with Precision

The LFCL-15/15M doesn't merely cap; it masters the art of cap diameters. With the ability to handle caps ranging from Φ20 to φ80 mm, this machinery ensures your packaging is not only secure but also tailored to the specific requirements of your products. Whether dealing with diminutive caps or larger closures, the LFCL-15/15M is a versatile solution for a spectrum of cap sizes.


Air Pressure Finesse: Operating at 0.4-0.7MPa

In the realm of automatic capping machinery, precision extends to every detail, including air pressure. The LFCL-15/15M operates optimally within the range of 0.4-0.7MPa, ensuring that the capping process is not just efficient but also finely tuned to the required pressure specifications. This dedication to precision speaks to the technical excellence ingrained in Pharmapack's capping solutions.


Lean Air Consumption: Maximizing Efficiency at 30L/min

Efficiency lies at the heart of the LFCL-15/15M's design, extending to its air consumption. With a minimal air consumption of 30 liters per minute, this capping machinery optimizes resources while maintaining peak performance. Pharmapack's commitment to sustainability and efficiency shines through in every aspect of the LFCL-15/15M's technical specifications.



In conclusion, the LFCL-15/15M Inline Cap Retorquer from Pharmapack transcends the ordinary in the world of capping machinery. With a model name that symbolizes precision, remarkable speed, and technical prowess in every dimension, this automatic capping machinery is a catalyst for elevating your packaging processes. Step into the future of packaging efficiency with Pharmapack's LFCL-15/15M and witness a new era of precision unfold in your production line.

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