Experience High-Performance Bottle Filling and Sealing with Pharmapack's Cutting-Edge Solution

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. The bottle capping process plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and quality of your products. That's why Pharmapack is proud to introduce the LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine, a reliable and high-performance solution designed to revolutionize your production efficiency. With its advanced features and precision engineering, this machine is the ideal choice for streamlining your bottling operations.


Maximize Efficiency and Versatility with the LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine

When it comes to bottle capping, time is of the essence. The LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine is meticulously designed to ensure maximum efficiency and versatility. Its small footprint makes it an ideal fit for cleanroom environments, maintaining the integrity of your production space. With minimal change parts required (only the cap slide rail), this machine enables quick and seamless transitions between different cap sizes.


Utilizing the latest technology, the LFCL-15FN automatically places and precisely torques a wide range of cap types onto virtually any bottle. Whether you're working with screw caps, lug caps, or snap-on caps, this machine delivers consistent and reliable performance. With its high torque accuracy and excellent repeatability, you can trust the LFCL-15FN to provide the perfect seal for your bottles, ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction.


Efficient Working Principle

The LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine operates on a simple yet efficient working principle:


Bulk caps are loaded into the hopper manually or automatically, and then delivered to the inverted cap reject device by the elevator.


Rejected caps return to the hopper via the recycle chute, while accepted caps move along the slide rail. At the end of the slide rail, the cap is picked off by the uncapped bottle and adjusted to fit the bottle opening properly using the flexible pressing plate.


The synchronous clamping conveyor securely holds and carries the bottle as the caps are tightly screwed by the four pairs of screwing wheels.


Finally, the capped bottles move to the downstream conveyor after being checked by the reject system, ensuring only properly capped bottles proceed further in the production line.


Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

Pharmapack is renowned in the industry for manufacturing high-performance bottle capping machines with exceptional torque accuracy. The LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine is no exception. With its reliable and long-lasting construction, this machine delivers consistent and repeatable torque accuracy, ensuring that each bottle is securely sealed and meets the highest quality standards.



When it comes to bottle capping, precision, efficiency, and reliability are crucial. Pharmapack's LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine offers a cutting-edge solution to enhance your production efficiency. Experience the benefits of its advanced features, including versatility, ease of use, and exceptional torque accuracy. Streamline your bottling operations and maintain the integrity of your products with Pharmapack's LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence. Upgrade your manufacturing process today.

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