Revolutionize Labeling Efficiency with the LFLBR-124032 Rotary Round Bottle Labeler

In today's dynamic business landscape, optimizing labeling processes is essential for industries that rely on efficient product identification and branding. Pharmapack presents the LFLBR-124032, a state-of-the-art round bottle labeling machine designed to streamline labeling operations and enhance productivity. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features of the LFLBR-124032 and how it can revolutionize the labeling process for businesses across various sectors.


Advanced PLC Control System

The LFLBR-124032 operates under the precise control of a programmable logic controller (PLC). This cutting-edge control system ensures accurate and reliable performance throughout the labeling process. The PLC technology provides businesses with the flexibility to program and adjust labeling parameters according to their specific requirements, eliminating errors and optimizing labeling accuracy.


German SEW Variable Frequency Stepless Speed Motor

At the heart of the LFLBR-124032 lies the main motor, which features a German SEW variable frequency stepless speed motor. This high-quality motor offers exceptional performance, enabling smooth and precise label application. With variable speed control, businesses can adapt the labeling speed to match the production requirements, ensuring consistent and efficient labeling on round bottles of various sizes and materials.


Power Overload Protection Device

Pharmapack prioritizes safety in the design of the LFLBR-124032. The round bottle labeling machine is equipped with a power overload protection device that safeguards against potential power surges and prevents damage to the equipment. This feature not only protects the machine and its components but also ensures the safety of operators, minimizing the risk of accidents or downtime due to electrical issues.


Automatic Start and Stop Functionality

The LFLBR-124032 is designed for hassle-free operation. It features an automatic start and stop function that eliminates the need for manual intervention during the labeling process. When a bottle is present, the machine automatically starts the labeling process, and when there is no bottle, it stops automatically. This automated functionality enhances efficiency and reduces the need for constant monitoring, allowing operators to focus on other critical tasks.


Simplified Changeover Process

The LFLBR-124032 is engineered with a minimal number of parts, ensuring quick and convenient changeover between different label types or bottle sizes. This feature saves valuable time during production line adjustments and reduces downtime, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to changing labeling requirements. The streamlined changeover process enhances overall productivity and operational flexibility.



The LFLBR-124032 rotary round bottle labeler by Pharmapack represents a significant advancement in labeling technology. With its PLC control system and German SEW variable frequency stepless speed motor, it delivers precise and reliable labeling performance. The inclusion of safety features like power overload protection and the convenience of automatic start and stop functionality make it a user-friendly solution. Additionally, the round bottle labeling machine's swift changeover capability allows for versatile labeling operations, catering to diverse product lines. Invest in the LFLBR-124032 to unlock enhanced labeling efficiency and stay ahead in today's competitive marketplace.

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