Maximize Moisture Control Efficiency with the LFID-40 Sacher Desiccant Inserter

In industries where moisture control is crucial, the accurate and efficient insertion of sachet desiccants plays a vital role in preserving product quality. Pharmapack introduces the LFID-40 Sacher Desiccant Inserter, a cutting-edge inserter machine designed to streamline the desiccant insertion process. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features of the LFID-40 and how it can enhance efficiency and precision for businesses across various sectors.


Space-Saving and Aesthetic Appeal

Our LFID-40 boasts a compact structure that optimizes floor space utilization without compromising functionality. Its sleek and modern design enhances the overall aesthetics of your production line. Additionally, the inserter machine is designed for easy maintenance, allowing operators to perform routine upkeep and inspections without significant downtime.


Double Servo Motor for Accurate Feeding

To ensure precise and consistent desiccant insertion, our LFID-40 utilizes original imported double servo motors for feeding. This advanced technology enables accurate positioning, minimizing the risk of misalignment or errors during the insertion process. With precise feeding, businesses can achieve reliable and uniform placement of sachet desiccants, maximizing moisture control effectiveness.


Automatic Desiccant Roll Uncoiling

Pharmapack's LFID-40 features an automated desiccant roll uncoiling mechanism powered by a motor. This ensures stable tension control, preventing material sticking or breakage during the uncoiling process. The consistent tension facilitates smooth desiccant insertion, eliminating disruptions and maintaining production efficiency.


I-Mark Sensor for Precise Positioning

Accurate positioning is crucial when inserting sachet desiccants. Our LFID-40 incorporates an I-mark sensor that automatically identifies the length of the desiccant. This intelligent sensor ensures precise placement and eliminates variations in desiccant positioning. With this inserter machine, businesses can have confidence in the accuracy and consistency of desiccant insertion, minimizing the risk of moisture-related product damage.


SMC Double Cylinder-Driven Cutter

Our LFID-40 is equipped with an efficient cutter driven by SMC double cylinders. This cutting-edge technology allows for precise and reliable cutting of sachet desiccants. The adjustable angle feature further enhances flexibility, accommodating various desiccant dimensions. The LFID-40's cutter ensures clean and accurate cuts, ensuring that each sachet desiccant is properly separated and ready for insertion.


Multiple Protection Mechanisms

Pharmapack prioritizes safety and operational reliability. Our LFID-40 includes multiple protection mechanisms to safeguard the cutting process. These safeguards ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues such as jamming or damage to the desiccant. By prioritizing protection, our LFID-40 minimizes downtime, reduces waste, and enhances overall efficiency.



Our LFID-40 Sacher Desiccant Inserter by Pharmapack is a game-changer in the field of desiccant insertion. Its compact design, easy maintenance, and accurate positioning capabilities make it a valuable addition to any production line. With features like automated desiccant roll uncoiling, precise cutting, and multiple protection mechanisms, the LFID-40 ensures efficient and reliable insertion of sachet desiccants. Invest in our LFID-40 to elevate your moisture control processes and safeguard the quality of your products.

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