Streamline Packaging Efficiency with the LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner

Efficient and reliable cartoning solutions are essential for industries that require automated packaging of medicines and cosmetics. Pharmapack introduces the LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner, a cutting-edge machine designed to streamline the cartoning process and enhance productivity. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features of the LFBI-10 and how it can revolutionize packaging operations for businesses across various sectors.


Compact Footprint and GMP Conformance

Our LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner is meticulously designed to conform to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and relevant industrial safety regulations. Its compact footprint occupies minimal space, making it an ideal choice for facilities with limited floor area. Pharmapack prioritizes safety and compliance, ensuring that the LFBI-10 meets stringent industry requirements.


Convenient "Balcony" Structure

Uniquely tailored for the automatic cartoning of medicines and cosmetics, our LFBI-10 features a "Balcony" structure that enhances convenience during cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and product changeover. The main driving part and auxiliary driving part are positioned on the side of the conveying mechanism, simplifying access and reducing downtime. Additionally, the "Balcony" structure prevents dust and debris from contaminating the drive mechanism, ensuring optimal performance and product integrity.


Scratch-Resistant White Toothed Conveyor Chain

Preserving product quality is paramount, especially when handling fragile or delicate items. Our LFBI-10 incorporates a scratch-resistant white toothed conveyor chain that ensures the smooth and damage-free transportation of cartons. This feature is particularly beneficial for packaging fragile products or those with lining, as it minimizes the risk of scratches or abrasions during the conveying process. With the LFBI-10, businesses can maintain the pristine condition of their products throughout the packaging cycle.


Ideal for Fragile and High-Smoothness Products

Pharmapack understands the unique packaging requirements of fragile and high-smoothness products. Our LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner is an ideal solution for such items, as it combines gentle handling with efficient packaging capabilities. By providing a smooth and seamless conveying process, our LFBI-10 ensures the integrity and aesthetics of fragile products, meeting the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.



The LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner by Pharmapack stands as a game-changer in automated cartoning solutions. Its GMP-compliant design, compact footprint, and convenient "Balcony" structure optimize space utilization and operational efficiency. With features like a scratch-resistant white toothed conveyor chain, our LFBI-10 ensures gentle handling and protection for fragile products. Whether packaging medicines or cosmetics, the LFBI-10 delivers reliable and precise cartoning performance. Invest in the LFBI-10 to elevate your packaging operations, streamline productivity, and uphold the highest standards of product quality.

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