Discover the Pharmapack LFM-32 Modular Tablet Counting Machine

The Pharmapack LFM-32 Modular Counter is a high-speed automatic counter that delivers exceptional performance, capable of counting and filling up to 400 bottles per minute. With this impressive speed, businesses can significantly increase their production capacity and meet high-demand requirements. The LFM-32 ensures swift and efficient tablet counting, enabling seamless integration into fast-paced packaging lines. This high-speed performance makes this tablet counting machine an ideal solution for industries where efficiency and productivity are paramount.


Continuous Motion Filling for Non-Stop Production

One of the standout features of our LFM-32 is its ability to fill bottles while they are in motion, eliminating the need for bottle stoppage during the filling process. This continuous motion filling system significantly improves production efficiency by minimizing downtime. Our LFM-32 ensures a smooth and uninterrupted workflow, allowing bottles to move seamlessly through the filling station while tablets are accurately counted and dispensed. With non-stop production, businesses can achieve higher output rates and optimize their overall operational efficiency.


Modular Configuration for Flexibility and Scalability

The LFM-32 features a modular design, with each module head consisting of eight channels. This modular configuration offers flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to customize the machine according to their specific needs. Depending on production requirements, this tablet counting machine can be equipped with a variable number of module heads, ranging from 4 to 10. This adaptability ensures that businesses can scale their operations efficiently, increasing or decreasing the number of module heads as needed. The modular design also facilitates easy maintenance and changeover, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Optional In-Built Tablet Inspection System

For industries that prioritize quality control, our LFM-32 offers an optional in-built tablet inspection system. This feature allows for real-time inspection and detection of any defective or miscounted tablets. By integrating the inspection system into the counting machine itself, businesses can streamline their quality control process and ensure that only high-quality products reach the market. This additional layer of assurance enhances customer satisfaction and helps maintain brand reputation.



Pharmapack's LFM-32 Modular Counter is a powerful solution for businesses seeking to enhance their tablet packaging efficiency. With its high-speed performance, continuous motion filling capability, modular configuration, and optional in-built tablet inspection system, this tablet counting machine offers versatility, scalability, and exceptional quality control. By investing in our LFM-32, businesses can significantly increase their production capacity, reduce downtime, and deliver accurate tablet counts with every bottle. Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with the Pharmapack LFM-32 Modular Counter, a reliable and innovative solution for the pharmaceutical and related industries.

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