Optimize Productivity with Pharmapack's PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine

The Pharmapack PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine is equipped with a screw positioning system for accurate bottle infeed. This advanced feature ensures precise positioning, eliminating any variations or errors during the filling process. With accurate positioning, businesses can achieve consistent and reliable filling results, maintaining product integrity and quality. This filling machinery guarantees precise and controlled powder filling, meeting the stringent requirements of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics.


Intelligent Control for Seamless Operation

Pharmapack's PFM-0202WR incorporates a touch screen PLC control system, providing intelligent and intuitive operation. The machine is designed to remain in standby mode if there are no bottles detected, preventing unnecessary filling and minimizing material wastage. The user-friendly touch screen interface allows operators to easily set parameters, monitor the filling process, and make adjustments as needed. This intelligent control system enhances efficiency, reduces downtime, and ensures smooth and uninterrupted production.


Superior Quality and Durability

The filling machinery is built to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. The equipment is constructed with high-quality materials, with the parts that come into contact with the material made of 304 stainless steel. This ensures hygienic and corrosion-resistant surfaces, maintaining the purity and integrity of the filled powders. The machine is also equipped with well-known brands of motors, cylinders, electrical fittings, and pneumatic components, ensuring reliability and durability. Pharmapack prioritizes quality in every aspect of the filling machinery, providing a robust and long-lasting solution for powder filling needs.


Precision Control and Stability

Our PFM-0202WR is driven by a control core consisting of a PLC and touch screen interface. This combination maximizes control precision and stability, delivering consistent and accurate filling operations. The PLC system provides precise control over the filling process, allowing for adjustable speeds, fill volumes, and other parameters. The touch screen interface offers easy access to real-time monitoring, enabling operators to track performance and make necessary adjustments for optimal results. With its precision control and stability, the filling machinery ensures efficient and reliable powder filling in every production cycle.



Pharmapack's PFM-0202WR Powder Filling Machine is a cutting-edge solution that optimizes productivity and precision in powder filling operations. With its accurate positioning, intelligent control system, superior quality construction, and precision control, this machine offers exceptional performance and reliability. By investing in our filling machinery, businesses can streamline their filling processes, reduce material wastage, and ensure consistent and high-quality results. Experience the benefits of efficient and precise powder filling with the Pharmapack PFM-0202WR, a trusted and innovative solution for various industries.

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