Unleash Efficiency with Pharmapack's Dynamic LFU-25C High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler

It is guaranteed that the Pharmapack LFU-25C High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler will operate exceptionally well because it is a machine that is both dependable and high-performing. Our LFU-25C ensures a consistent and reliable performance in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic sectors by being designed to comply with both the current and proposed versions of the Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP). This unscrambler machine boasts a sturdy build and cutting-edge features, enabling it to produce dependable bottle unscrambling while also optimising production operations and preserving product quality.


Compact Design for Clean Room Environments

Because of its compact footprint, our LFU-25C is an excellent choice for use in sterile or other types of controlled environments. It takes up a very small amount of space while not compromising the authenticity of the clean room setting. The manufacturers of the LFU-25C at Pharmapack are aware of how vital it is to keep the production environment clean and under control, and the unscrambler machine's space-saving design helps towards accomplishing this objective. This equipment maximises the effectiveness of clean room activities by making the most efficient use of available space. This helps to maintain the highest possible product quality and safety requirements.


Quick Size Change for Enhanced Flexibility

Pharmapack's LFU-25C offers enhanced flexibility with quick size change capabilities. The machine requires minimal change parts, with only the pre-sorting disc needing adjustment for different bottle sizes. The change parts are designed for easy disassembly and assembly, enabling rapid size changeovers and reducing change downtime. This efficient size change feature allows businesses to adapt to varying production demands swiftly, maximizing productivity and operational efficiency.


User-Friendly Interface for Easy Operation

Our LFU-25C is equipped with a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy operation and minimal training requirements. The intuitive controls and clear visual indicators simplify machine operation, allowing operators to efficiently monitor and control the unscrambling process. Pharmapack's commitment to usability ensures that the unscrambler machine can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines, facilitating smooth workflow and minimizing the learning curve for operators.



Pharmapack's LFU-25C High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler is a reliable and efficient solution for optimizing the bottle unscrambling process. With its high-performance capabilities, compact design for clean room environments, quick size change functionality, and user-friendly interface, the unscrambler machine offers exceptional performance and flexibility. By investing in our LFU-25C, businesses can streamline their production processes, reduce changeover downtime, and maintain the highest standards of product quality and safety. Experience the benefits of efficient and reliable bottle unscrambling with the Pharmapack LFU-25C, a trusted and innovative solution for various industries.

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