Revolutionize Your Capping Process with Pharmapack's Dynamic LFCR-1506/2510/4016 Automatic Rotary Capper

When it comes to automating your capping process, Pharmapack's LFCR-1506/2510/4016 Automatic Rotary Capper is a game-changer. Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries, this advanced automatic capping machine revolutionizes the way you seal your bottles. With its cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, the LFCR-1506/2510/4016 ensures efficient and accurate capping, saving you time, reducing errors, and enhancing overall productivity.


Versatility for Various Bottle Sizes

Pharmapack understands that every product requires the perfect fit, which is why our LFCR-1506/2510/4016 offers a versatile product range. With the capability to handle bottle diameters ranging from 20mm to 80mm and heights from 40mm to 240mm, this automatic capping machine accommodates a wide variety of bottle sizes. Whether you're capping small vials or larger containers, our LFCR-1506/2510/4016 delivers a precise and secure seal, ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction.


Innovative Capping Mechanism for Streamlined Operation

The LFCR-1506/2510/4016 features an innovative capping mechanism that streamlines the entire capping process. With its intuitive design, this machine guides the bottle caps in the desired direction through the cover mechanism, securely catching them with precision. The bottles seamlessly transition onto the star wheel of the capper, where the synchronized rotation of the bottles and caps ensures efficient and accurate capping. This synchronized movement guarantees a controlled speed, reducing the risk of spillage or mishaps and ensuring a smooth transition to the next stage of production.


Seamless Integration for Enhanced Workflow

Pharmapack believes in the power of an interconnected production line. That's why our LFCR-1506/2510/4016 is designed for seamless integration with other machines. Whether you have an automatic bottle-sizing machine, a granulator, or any other compatible equipment, this rotary capper effortlessly integrates into your existing setup. By optimizing workflow and reducing downtime, the automatic capping machine enhances overall production efficiency, allowing you to meet demanding production targets with ease.


Advanced Technology for Reliable Performance

Pharmapack is committed to delivering reliable and high-performance solutions, and our LFCR-1506/2510/4016 is no exception. Equipped with advanced technology, this automatic rotary capper ensures consistent sealing quality, minimizing the risk of leaks or contamination. Its robust construction and precision-engineered components guarantee durability and longevity, providing you with a reliable solution that withstands the demands of continuous operation. With the LFCR-1506/2510/4016, you can have peace of mind knowing that your capping process is in safe and capable hands.



Pharmapack's LFCR-1506/2510/4016 Automatic Rotary Capper is a revolutionary solution for automating and streamlining your capping process. With its dynamic performance, versatility for various bottle sizes, innovative capping mechanism, seamless integration capabilities, and advanced technology, this machine sets a new standard for efficiency and precision. By investing in the automatic capping machine, you can revolutionize your capping process, improve productivity, and ensure the highest level of quality for your products. Experience the transformative power of automated capping with Pharmapack's LFCR-1506/2510/4016, the ultimate solution for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries.

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