Revolutionizing Packaging Precision with Pharmapack's Bottle Capping Machine

We at Pharmapack are well aware of how important it is for bottle capping to be carried out in a timely and correct manner in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. Our dedication to quality can be seen in the LFCR-1506/2510/4016, which is an automatic bottle capping machine. This equipment is a monument to our commitment to precision.


How It Works

The LFCR-1506/2510/4016 is designed to have a flow that is unbroken from start to finish in all of its functions. The bottle cap is first directed in the appropriate direction by the cover mechanism, which is the first step in the process of capping the bottle. As the cap makes its way into the star wheel, the mechanism that caps it deftly seizes it in its grasp. The bottle and the cap spin together at a controlled speed, allowing for a smooth transition to the next phase of production. This process capitalizes on the momentum gained from earlier operations, such as the machine that makes the bottles.


Application: Versatility Redefined

Our LFCR-1506/2510/4016 is designed to cater to a diverse range of products, specifically bottles, within the height range of 45 to 205 mm. Whether your product is cylindrical, oval, or rectangular, our rotary capper ensures a snug and precise fit for caps. However, it's important to note that bottles falling outside the diameter range of 20 to 60 mm are not suitable for this particular rotary capper. Additionally, bottles that are excessively large, too small, or impact-resistant, such as glass bottles, may not be compatible.


Precision in Diversity

In practical applications, our LFCR-2510 rotary capper machine often collaborates seamlessly with other machines in our lineup. This includes an automatic bottle-sizing machine, automatic granulator, and various filling counting devices. The synergy between these machines ensures a comprehensive production line that addresses every aspect of pharmaceutical and food packaging needs. To facilitate a smooth transition between processes, our conveyor belt takes center stage, efficiently transporting products from one phase to the next.



Pharmapack's LFCR-1506/2510/4016 bottle capping machine is not just a piece of equipment; it's a precision-engineered solution aimed at enhancing your production standards. From its meticulous functionality to its adaptability in diverse applications, this rotary capper is a testament to our dedication to excellence in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. When you choose Pharmapack, you're choosing a partner that understands the intricacies of your industry and provides solutions that go beyond expectations. Elevate your production efficiency with the LFCR-1506/2510/4016 bottle capping machine – where precision meets performance.

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