Streamline Your Carton Packing Process with Pharmapack's LFBI-12

When it comes to carton packing, the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors present their own set of particular obstacles, and we at Pharmapack are familiar with these difficulties. Because of this, we recognized the need for a flexible cartoner that could cater to the requirements of a variety of industries and developed the LFBI-12. This machine ensures efficient and exact packaging, allowing you to increase output without compromising quality, since it is capable of packing up to 120 cartons per minute, which is an impressively high rate of speed.


Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

The LFBI-12 is equipped with a range of optional devices that enhance its functionality and reliability. With PLC control and a user-friendly touch screen interface, you have full control over the packing process, making adjustments and monitoring operations with ease. The combination of mechanical and servo drives provides superior reliability, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance. Our LFBI-12's construction, made from 304 stainless steel and aluminum, is designed to meet GMP requirements, guaranteeing compliance and product safety.


Flexible Design for Various Carton Shapes and Sizes

Pharmapack's LFBI-12 offers built-in flexibility to handle a wide variety of carton shapes and sizes. Whether you require packing for small vials, blister packs, or larger bottles, this cartoner can accommodate your needs. Its "balcony" construction separates the mechanized area from the carton/product conveyor area, providing easy access for cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and changeovers. This design ensures maximum efficiency and minimizes downtime during production transitions.


Ensuring Package Integrity and Compatibility

When it comes to carton packing, maintaining package integrity is crucial. Our LFBI-12 incorporates a scratch-proof toothed belt carton transport system, which ensures the safe handling of high-gloss or fragile cartons. This feature prevents any damage or scratches during the packing process, safeguarding the quality and appearance of your products. Additionally, our LFBI-12 is suitable for both pre-glued closures and tucked-in closures, providing versatility and compatibility with various packaging requirements.



In conclusion, our LFBI-12 cartoner by Pharmapack is the ideal solution for streamlining your carton packing process. Its versatility, advanced features, and flexible design make it a reliable choice for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. With optional devices such as PLC control with a touch screen, mechanical and servo drives, and a scratch-proof toothed belt carton transport system, our LFBI-12 ensures optimal performance and package integrity. Invest in the LFBI-12 and experience efficient, reliable, and high-quality carton packing. Contact Pharmapack today to learn more about this exceptional cartoning machine and how it can benefit your business.

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