Simplifying Leaflet Insertion with the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter

The LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter offered by Pharmapack is intended to facilitate the insertion of leaflets in a more organized fashion. It is able to handle pre-folded books in an effective manner, which is one of its primary duties. These booklets are manually placed on the conveyor, and once they are there, they are scooped up by the vacuum sucker that is mounted on the rotary axis. From there, they are moved ahead. Because of the automation of this process, manual handling is no longer necessary, which lowers the probability of making mistakes while simultaneously raising overall productivity.


Seamless Integration with Bottle Packaging

The innovative design of our LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter makes it compatible with bottle packaging lines so that it may work effectively. When a bottle comes close to the inserter, a sensor detects its existence and transmits a signal to the programmable logic controller (PLC), which in turn begins the process of inserting the bottle. After then, the PLC gives instructions to the glue dispenser, telling it to spray glue in an extremely accurate location. This guarantees that the leaflet will be placed correctly onto the top of the bottle. The booklet is then pressed into the cap by the vacuum sucker, which ensures that it is firmly adhered in place. Through this faultless integration, tour LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter makes it possible to insert leaflets into the bottle packaging process in a manner that is both efficient and dependable.


Streamlined Booklet Sticking Process

Pharmapack's LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter simplifies the booklet sticking process. Once the glue is sprayed onto the booklet, the vacuum sucker swiftly presses it onto the bottle cap. This process is completed with precision, ensuring that the booklet is securely attached. By automating this task, our LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter eliminates the need for manual booklet placement, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring consistent and uniform results. This streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality of the final product.



In conclusion, the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter by Pharmapack is a reliable and efficient solution for leaflet insertion. With its ability to handle pre-folded booklets, seamless integration with bottle packaging lines, and streamlined booklet sticking process, it simplifies the entire leaflet insertion process. By reducing manual handling, our LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter minimizes the risk of errors and increases productivity. Investing in the LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter will not only save time and resources but also ensure consistent and high-quality leaflet insertion in your packaging operations. Choose Pharmapack's LFOS-20 Leaflet Inserter for hassle-free and reliable leaflet insertion.

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