Introducing the LFCT-1506/2510 Automatic Capping Machine by Pharmapack

At Pharmapack, we proudly present the LFCT-1506/2510 Automatic Capping Machine, which operates on an advanced working principle to ensure efficient cap application. The process begins with bulk caps being poured into the hopper and delivered to the vibratory bowl through a ladder-shaped elevator. The vibratory bowl unscrambles and orients the caps, which are then fed into the slide rail and transferred to the rotary caps holding plate. Here, the 6 capping heads pick up the caps and apply them to the bottles in a continuous and rotary motion. This streamlined process guarantees consistent and precise cap placement, optimizing your production line.


Reliable Performance and Compliance with GMPs

The importance of reliability cannot be overstated when discussing automatic capping devices. The LFCT-1506/2510 capper is a high-performance equipment that was designed by Pharmapack to conform with both the present and proposed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). This guarantees that the equipment satisfies the standards set by the industry and delivers performance that is reliable and consistent. The fact that our LFCT-1506/2510 is able to effectively maintain the integrity of a clean room environment despite its tiny footprint makes it a perfect solution for businesses such as the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. In addition to that, this machine needs very few parts that can change sizes, which helps to keep downtime to a minimum and boosts overall productivity.


Maximum Efficiency and Versatility with Advanced Technology

We at Pharmapack are aware of the significance of having a production line that is both efficient and flexible in its capabilities. Both of these benefits are intended to be realized to the fullest with the use of the LFCT-1506/2510 Automatic Capping Machine. It makes use of the most recent technological advancements in order to automatically insert and accurately press a diverse range of cap types onto bottles. This machine can easily handle a wide variety of cap styles, including screw caps, snap-on caps, and other cap types that you may need to cap. Because of its versatility, it may be customized to meet the requirements of your particular product as well as the needs of its packaging. You will be able to optimize your manufacturing processes and get results that are consistent and professional with the help of our LFCT-1506/2510.



In conclusion, the LFCT-1506/2510 Automatic Capping Machine by Pharmapack is a reliable and high-performance solution for your cap application needs. Its advanced working principle ensures efficient and precise cap placement, saving you time and resources. With compliance to GMPs, a small footprint, and minimal changeover parts, this machine offers reliability, cleanliness, and efficiency. Choose Pharmapack's LFCT-1506/2510 Automatic Capping Machine to enhance your production line and achieve maximum efficiency and versatility.

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