Revolutionize Your Packaging Process with Pharmapack's Innovative Screw-on Capping Solution

Pharmapack is aware of the significance of providing solutions for packaging that are both effective and dependable in industries such as the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. Our Inline Screw-on Capper, model number LFCL-20FN, was developed specifically to facilitate the capping process by streamlining it and ensuring the correct and secure sealing of caps on a variety of bottle types. Our automatic capping machinery is an excellent option for increasing the productivity and efficiency of your packing operations because of the sophisticated features and capabilities it possesses.


Specialized Device for Messy Cap and Bottle Handling

The Inline Screw-on Capper (LFCL-20FN) offered by Pharmapack comes outfitted with a specialized device that is capable of handling dirty caps and bottles in an effective and efficient manner. This cutting-edge function enables a smooth transition of caps and bottles from the unscrambler to the subsequent stage of the packaging process. Our gear removes the need for manual handling, minimizes the likelihood of errors, and boosts both the speed and accuracy of the capping processes as a whole by automating this essential stage. Utilizing Pharmapack's automatic capping machinery will result in a more streamlined production flow in addition to increased productivity.


Versatile Cap and Bottle Compatibility

Pharmapack's Inline Screw-on Capper (LFCL-20FN) caters to a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes commonly used in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. It is suitable for cylindrical, elliptical cylindrical, and rectangular plastic bottles with heights ranging from 45mm to 200mm and outer diameters between φ35mm and φ100mm. However, it is important to note that bottles that are too large, too small, or not impact-resistant (such as glass bottles) may not be suitable for this particular machine. With its versatility and adaptability, our automatic capping machinery provides a flexible solution for diverse packaging requirements.



Pharmapack's Inline Screw-on Capper (LFCL-20FN) is the perfect automatic capping machinery for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. With its specialized device for handling messy caps and bottles, it ensures a smooth and efficient transfer from the unscrambler to the next packaging step. Our machinery offers compatibility with a wide range of cylindrical, elliptical cylindrical, and rectangular plastic bottles, optimizing versatility in your packaging operations. By choosing Pharmapack's automatic capping machinery, you can enhance productivity, streamline your packaging process, and achieve accurate and secure capping for your products. Trust in Pharmapack to deliver innovative solutions that meet your specific packaging needs and propel your business towards greater efficiency and success.

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