Unveiling the Pharmapack LFCL-15FN Bottle Capping Machine

At Pharmapack, we take pride in introducing the LFCL-15FN automatic capper, a pinnacle of reliability and high-performance in the realm of bottle filling and sealing machines. Designed meticulously to adhere to both current and proposed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), this bottle capping machine stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Boasting a compact footprint, the LFCL-15FN is engineered for optimal cleanroom integrity, ensuring that your production environment remains untainted.


Versatility Redefined: Minimal Change Parts for Maximum Adaptability

One of the standout features of the LFCL-15FN is its adaptability to diverse cap sizes with minimal change parts—only the cap slide rail requires attention. This innovation streamlines the production process, minimizing downtime associated with changeovers. Whether you're dealing with screw caps, lug caps, or snap-on caps, our machine effortlessly accommodates them all. The LFCL-15FN is your go-to solution for maintaining efficiency without sacrificing versatility.


State-of-the-Art Torque Accuracy for Any Bottle Type

Embracing the latest technological advancements, the LFCL-15FN ensures precision in cap placement and torque application across a wide spectrum of bottle types. The machine's ability to automatically place and torque caps onto virtually any bottle type is a game-changer. Experience the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with our capper, providing you with unmatched efficiency and precision in your bottling operations.


Elevate and Sort with Precision

The LFCL-15FN operates on a straightforward yet efficient working principle. Bulk caps are loaded into the hopper, either manually or automatically through the optional feature. An elevator then lifts and delivers the caps to the inverted cap reject device, ensuring precise handling from the very beginning of the process.


Reject, Recycle, and Streamline

Rejected caps find their way back to the hopper via the recycle chute, contributing to an eco-friendly and efficient system. Accepted caps smoothly travel along the slide rail, where they encounter the awaiting uncapped bottles. At this stage, our flexible pressing plate ensures a proper fit for the cap onto the bottle opening, setting the stage for the next phase.


Secure and Move Forward

The synchronous clamping conveyor takes charge, holding and carrying the bottle while the four pairs of screwing wheels meticulously tighten the caps. As a final touch, the capped bottles seamlessly transition to the downstream conveyor after undergoing a thorough check by the reject system. Every step in the working principle of the LFCL-15FN is geared towards ensuring a smooth, efficient, and secure capping process.


Performance: The Pharmapack Standard of Excellence

The LFCL-15FN embodies the Pharmapack commitment to manufacturing reliable and high-performance auto capping machines. Pharmapack has established itself as a premier provider of bottle cappers and cap tighteners, specializing in screw caps, lug caps, and snap-on caps. Our reputation in the industry is built on delivering dependable and long-lasting bottle capping machines that consistently provide excellent torque accuracy. Trust in the LFCL-15FN to elevate your bottling operations to new heights, setting a standard of excellence that only Pharmapack can deliver.



In conclusion, the Pharmapack LFCL-15FN bottle capping machine is not just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to our dedication to innovation, efficiency, and reliability in every bottle capping endeavor. Experience the future of bottling technology with Pharmapack.

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