Crafting Excellence: Pharmapack as a Cartoner Machine Manufacturer

Precision and efficiency are critical in the pharmaceutical sector. Every stage of the process is vital, from guaranteeing product integrity to packaging pharmaceuticals. From packaging medications to ensuring product integrity, every step of the process plays a crucial role. And at the heart of this intricate dance lies the cartoner machine – a true workhorse that seamlessly packages medications into boxes with unrivaled speed and accuracy. Pharmapack has been emerged as a cartoner machine manufacturer thanks to our cutting-edge products like Continuous Motion Cartoners and Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoners. So take a seat back, unwind, and get ready to be astounded by the state-of-the-art technology that power these revolutionary devices. You won't want to miss this article if you're a pharmaceutical maker or just have a general fascination with industrial innovation! Let's get started immediately.



Pharmapack equipment has been put through testing by globally recognized businesses and has passed inspection by CE, UL Certify, CSA, and is compliant with GAMP, FDA (CFR21), cGMP, and TGA requirements.


Satisfactory Service

But Pharmapack doesn't stop at manufacturing excellence alone - we also offer additional advantages that set us apart from competitors. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means providing comprehensive after-sales support including training programs and maintenance services. We understand that investing in our customers' success is crucial for long-term partnerships.


Continuous R&D

Moreover, Pharmapack prides itself on its strong research and development capabilities. We continuously strive to stay ahead of industry trends by developing cutting-edge technologies that improve efficiency while adhering to stringent quality standards. Our industry-leading servo control technology and approximately 300 patented technologies allow us to independently create equipment and manufacture industry-related software application systems in response to market demand: the first counter packing line in the world operating at 400 bpm and equipped with a track and trace system and debris camera detecting features in compliance with FDA 21CFR ; the first capsule counter in history, a two-color inkjet device with anti-counterfeiting properties for minuscule characters; The nation's first stick counting packing machine, fully automatic counter with servo modules, flexible conveyor belt integrated into the packaging line, first lamp inspection image analysis and processing board using DSB board, and actively utilizing the benefits of IoT technology to construct a 5G+ smart factory.



When it comes to crafting excellence in cartoning automation technology - look no further than Pharmapack! Choosing Pharmapack as your cartoner machine manufacturer guarantees you unparalleled expertise coupled with reliable equipment tailored specifically for your packaging needs. With our continuous motion cartoners and intermittent horizontal solutions backed by excellent customer service, you can expect nothing less than exceptional performance throughout your production process.

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