Innovating Packaging Solutions: Pharmapack's Dynamic Cartonator Machines

Welcome to the exciting world of packaging innovation! In an era where first impressions matter more than ever, it's crucial for companies to invest in cutting-edge technology that not only enhances efficiency but also elevates our brand image. Enter our cartonator machine – a game-changer in the world of packaging solutions. From revolutionizing traditional cartoning processes to seamlessly integrating into existing production lines, these machines are set to reshape the future of packaging. So, fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the world of Pharmapack and discover how our cartoner machines are setting new standards in efficiency and effectiveness. Get ready for a thrilling journey ahead!

Revolutionizing Packaging: Continuous Motion Cartoner

Our Continuous Motion Cartoner, exemplified by the LFBI-12 Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner, is a game-changer in the world of packaging. This versatile machine is designed to effortlessly load bottles, blister boards, material holders, and other components into cartons, sealing us securely. When paired with our folding machine, it transforms the packaging process by seamlessly incorporating manuals into the paper tray. Ideal for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, this cartoner ensures efficient packing of bottles, blister boards, and related materials.


Efficiency Redefined: Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner

Enter the realm of efficiency with our Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoner, including the LFBI-12 model. Tailored for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, this versatile cartoner operates at speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute. The toothed conveying belt automatically transports cartons, while a rotary encoder monitors linear movement, facilitating the handling of even the most challenging-to-open cartons. Crafted with rugged stainless steel construction, this cartoner seamlessly integrates into your production environment, ensuring durability and reliability.


Seamless Integration, Maximum Impact: Pharmapack's Cartoner Machines

Our cartoner machines epitomize innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with practical functionality. The Continuous Motion and Intermittent Motion Horizontal Cartoners redefine the packaging experience, catering to diverse industries with precision and speed. With a focus on precision and efficiency, these cartoners seamlessly integrate into existing production lines, making us an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies looking to optimize our packaging processes. The machines are designed to work in harmony with other equipment, ensuring a smooth flow of materials and minimizing downtime.In a world where efficient packaging is paramount, our cartoner machines stand as a testament to excellence.



As industries embrace the future of packaging, Pharmapack remains at the forefront, offering solutions that go beyond expectations. The LFBI-12 models showcase the brand's commitment to excellence, providing versatile and efficient cartoning solutions. Choose us, and step into a future where innovation meets reliability, and packaging becomes an art form.

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