Seamless Precision: Unveiling Pharmapack's LFBI-10 Automatic Cartoner

Within the realm of packaging solutions, the term automatic cartoner connotes effectiveness and ingenuity. With the LFBI-10 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoner, we Pharmapack sets a new benchmark for autonomous cartoning technology. Let's examine the benefits and characteristics of this amazing device, highlighting the quality, practicality, and distinct advantages that characterize our dedication to excellence. 


Space-Efficient Design: Conforming to GMP Standards

Our LFBI-10 automatic cartoner is not just a machine; it's a space-efficient marvel. The design conforms to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and relevant industrial safety rules, ensuring a compliant and secure operation. With small equipment feet, the LFBI-10 occupies minimal space, making it an ideal choice for industries where real estate on the production floor is precious.


Innovative "Balcony" Structure: Enhancing Convenience and Cleanliness

The LFBI-10 boasts an innovative "Balcony" structure, specially designed for the automatic cartoning of medicines and cosmetics. The main driving and auxiliary driving parts are strategically placed on the side of the conveying mechanism, introducing a structural marvel that enhances cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and product changeover convenience. Beyond utility, the "Balcony" structure acts as a shield, preventing dust and debris from the carton from infiltrating the drive mechanism.


Mechanical Mastery: Sophisticated Drive System and Reliable Delivery

At the heart of the LFBI-10 lies a sophisticated mechanical drive system paired with a reliable product delivery system. This dynamic duo ensures precision and consistency in every cartoning operation. Our commitment to quality is exemplified through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, delivering a cartoning experience that goes beyond industry standards.


Versatile Sealing Options: From Flap Insertion to Hot Melt Glue

Our LFBI-10 automatic cartoner isn't just about sealing—it's about versatility. This machine is applicable to the sealing of pre-glued cartons with a flap inserted at the back or directly. To add to its flexibility, the LFBI-10 can be equipped with a hot melt glue device, achieving hot melt glue sealing. For those seeking a hybrid approach, the mixed mode of flap insertion and glue sealing is also within the capabilities of this innovative automatic cartoner.



Our LFBI-10 automatic cartoner is proof of the company's dedication to quality. Pharmapack reimagines the automatic cartoning industry with its space-efficient design, inventive structural elements, complex mechanical systems, and flexible sealing options. Select Pharmapack, the place where creativity and accuracy collide, to improve your packing procedures with an automatic cartoner built to last.

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