Precision Perfected: Pharmapack's Trailblazing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Tablet Counting

As a distinguished player in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, we Pharmapack offer our Automatic Tablet Counting Machine, which provides precision, speed, and reliability. Among us, the LF-16 Tablet/Capsule Counter and LF-12 Tablet/Capsule Counter stand out as exemplars of cutting-edge technology, providing indispensable solutions to meet the demands of modern pharmaceutical production.


Mastering Precision: LF-16 Tablet/Capsule Counter

At the heart of our arsenal is the LF-16 Tablet/Capsule Counter, a testament to precision engineering. Crafted in adherence to stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), this machine stands as a paragon of reliability and high-performance automatic counting. Its compact design ensures an efficient footprint, particularly crucial in maintaining the integrity of a cleanroom environment. But what sets the LF-16 apart is its adaptability. Requiring minimal change parts for different container sizes, with adjustments primarily focused on the nozzle, this machine streamlines the production process. All product contact parts are constructed from type 316 stainless steel, ensuring durability and compliance with the highest industry standards. Easy disassembly adds to its allure, facilitating thorough cleaning and hygiene maintenance.


Efficiency Unleashed: LF-12 Tablet/Capsule Counter

Complementing its precision counterpart, the LF-12 Tablet/Capsule Counter is a robust and high-performance solution designed with GMP standards in mind. Sharing the compact footprint, ease of maintenance, and durability of the LF-16, the LF-12 caters to pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking efficiency without compromising quality. Both the LF-16 and LF-12 are equipped to handle different container sizes with minimal adjustments, showcasing our commitment to flexibility and user-friendly operation. Stainless steel construction ensures longevity and adherence to the highest hygiene standards—a vital requirement in pharmaceutical settings.


Meeting Your Production Demands: How Pharmapack Automatic Counting Machines Excel

Our Automatic Counting Machines, including the LF-16 and LF-12 models, are designed to seamlessly integrate into pharmaceutical production lines, ensuring your packaging demands are not just met but exceeded. These machines offer long-lasting, consistent operation, tailored to specific bottle size ranges and speeds. Our user-friendly design and safety features make us an invaluable asset for ensuring an efficient and smooth operation.


Customized Solutions: Tailoring Excellence for Every Client

Pharmapack doesn’t just offer machines; it provides customized turnkey packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of every client. With pre-sales and after-sales service centers across Asia, Europe, and North America, Pharmapack ensures comprehensive support. Whether it's design considerations, commissioning, maintenance, or upgrades, clients benefit from dedicated 24-hour online customer service, underscoring our commitment to excellence. 



Our LF-16 and LF-12 Tablet/Capsule Counters offer a combination of precision, efficiency, and adaptability, setting new industry standards. Pharmapack remains at the forefront of pharmaceutical production as it evolves, offering solutions that guarantee accuracy, cleanliness, and compliance with the most stringent regulations. Take your pharmaceutical packaging to the next level with Pharmapack.

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