Pharmapack's LFLB-1120: The Future of Bottle Labeling

In the ever-evolving world of pharmaceutical packaging, where every detail matters, Pharmapack introduces the LFLB-1120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine as the future of bottle labeling. This article delves into the utility, features, and unique advantages that position the LFLB-1120 as a leader in labeling machine for bottles.


Precision Perfected: Unleashing the Power of LFLB-1120

Precision takes center stage with our LFLB-1120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine. Empowered by an advanced servo-motor-driven labeling head, this machine achieves unparalleled accuracy with a repeatable labeling precision of 0.5 mm. Our dedication to precision is the driving force behind the LFLB-1120's capability to redefine the standards of labeling accuracy.


Efficiency Redefined: Dual Rollers for Seamless Operations

Efficiency becomes second nature with the LFLB-1120, thanks to its dual rollers ensuring accurate label dispensing. The compact design facilitates quick and easy label changeovers, eliminating unnecessary complexities. Our focus on enhancing operational efficiency is evident in the streamlined design and user-friendly features of the LFLB-1120.


Adaptive Brilliance: No Repositioning, No Problem

Adaptability is a standout feature of the LFLB-1120, designed to accommodate changes in bottle or label sizes without the need for repositioning sensors. This adaptive brilliance ensures a smooth and uninterrupted labeling process, showcasing our commitment to intelligent and user-friendly solutions.


Memory Mastery: Versatility at its Core

With utmost precision and efficiency, this remarkable piece of technology boasts the ability to store up to 50 different job setups in its memory. This means that various bottle labeling requirements can be easily met without any hassle or time-consuming adjustments. Whether it's pharmaceutical products or beverage containers, this state-of-the-art device guarantees flawless and consistent label application at every turn. Our dedication to excellence shines through with our innovative solution that not only streamlines production processes but also ensures optimal accuracy in adhering labels on bottles of all shapes and sizes.


Reliability Embodied: Compact, Robust, and User-Friendly

Our LFLB-1120 embodies reliability with its compact structure, ensuring robust and dependable performance. User-friendly features make adjustment and operation a breeze, empowering operators to navigate the labeling process with confidence. The reliability and simplicity of the LFLB-1120 set it apart as a trustworthy solution in the competitive landscape.



Our LFLB-1120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine paves the way forward in the future of bottle labeling. Its precision, efficiency, adaptability, memory capabilities, and reliability collectively position it as a revolutionary solution in pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmapack continues to lead the industry by setting new benchmarks for excellence in every labeled bottle.

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