Revolutionizing Precision Labeling with Pharmapack's LFLB-1120

In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical packaging, precision labeling plays a pivotal role in ensuring product integrity and compliance. Pharmapack, a trailblazer in the industry, introduces the LFLB-1120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine. This article explores the utility, features, and distinctive advantages that set our labeling machine for bottles apart, emphasizing its contribution to revolutionizing the labeling process for bottles.


Precision Redefined: The Power of LFLB-1120

At the heart of our commitment to precision labeling is the LFLB-1120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine. This marvel is equipped with an advanced servo-motor-driven labeling head, delivering repeatable labeling accuracy as fine as 0.5 mm. The precision achieved by this machine is unparalleled, ensuring that every label is applied with meticulous accuracy.


Efficiency Unleashed: Dual Rollers for Accurate Label Dispensing

Efficiency is a hallmark of the LFLB-1120, thanks to its dual rollers designed to guarantee accurate label dispensing. The compact design facilitates seamless label changeovers, eliminating the need for complex adjustments. Our commitment to efficiency is embedded in the very structure of this labeling machine.


Adaptive Intelligence: No Repositioning Hassles

One of the standout features of the LFLB-1120 is its adaptability to changing bottle or label sizes without the hassle of repositioning sensors. This intelligent design streamlines the production process, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted labeling operations. Our focus on adaptive intelligence is evident in every aspect of the LFLB-1120's functionality.


Memory Magic: Storing Job Setups for Versatility

Versatility is a key attribute of our labeling machine, as demonstrated by the LFLB-1120's ability to store up to 50 job setups in its memory. This feature enables seamless transitions between various bottle labeling requirements, making it an ideal solution for pharmaceutical packaging with diverse needs. The compact structure further enhances its adaptability to different production environments.


Reliability Personified: Compact Structure and Easy Adjustment

Our commitment to reliability is personified in the LFLB-1120's compact structure, ensuring robust and dependable performance. Easy adjustment features make it user-friendly, empowering operators to fine-tune settings with ease. The combination of reliability and simplicity sets this labeling machine apart in the competitive landscape.



Our LFLB-1120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine is a testament to labeling excellence. Its precision, efficiency, adaptive intelligence, memory capabilities, and reliability make it a standout solution in the pharmaceutical packaging arena. Pharmapack continues to redefine industry standards, ensuring that every labeled bottle represents the epitome of quality and precision.

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