Pharmapack's Stick Packing Solutions: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

Stick packing has become an increasingly popular packaging method for various industries, offering convenience, efficiency, and product protection. Pharmapack, a leading provider of packaging solutions, introduces its advanced stick packing solutions that optimize efficiency and ensure precise packaging. With a focus on the Stick Automatic Arrange System and the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D, Pharmapack delivers high-speed performance, versatility, and safety in stick packing operations.


Stick Automatic Arrange System: Advanced Technology for Seamless Stick Packing


Pharmapack's Stick Automatic Arrange System incorporates cutting-edge technology to streamline the stick packing process. This system features a horizontal to vertical chute, counting and arranging system, lifting and rejection station, stick arranging belt, and a combining device, along with stick infeeding and cartoning capabilities. By utilizing this system, businesses can achieve seamless stick packing operations with improved efficiency and productivity. Moreover, Pharmapack ensures that its Stick Automatic Arrange System complies with GMP standards, meeting the highest quality and hygiene requirements.


Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D: High-Speed Performance with Precision


Pharmapack's Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D is designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision in stick packing. Equipped with a servo modular design, this machine offers faster speed, stability, and seamless integration of functional modules. The high filling accuracy of the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D is ensured by the I-Mark remote control and servo drive, providing precise packaging with reduced noise. Additionally, this machine offers greater compatibility by accommodating different film widths, allowing businesses to package products ranging from 60mm to 180mm. The double pack structure feature further expands the machine's versatility, catering to a wider range of customer needs. Pharmapack's Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine also boasts a better ergonomic design, incorporating an industrial computer control system with a user-friendly touch screen interface for easy operation and formula management. The inclusion of various safety devices ensures a higher level of safety and convenience during operation and maintenance.


Higher Safety and Hygienic Design


Pharmapack prioritizes safety and product integrity. The stick packing solutions are designed with stainless steel and aluminum components, ensuring rust-free and pollution-free packaging. This design meets the strict requirements of GMP environments, providing businesses with peace of mind. Furthermore, all control components undergo rigorous testing and have international standardized certifications, guaranteeing the reliability and quality of the entire system.




Pharmapack's stick packing solutions offer enhanced efficiency, precision, and safety. The Stick Automatic Arrange System and the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D provide businesses with advanced technology, high-speed performance, and versatile packaging capabilities. Pharmapack's commitment to quality, GMP compliance, and innovative design ensures that businesses can optimize their stick packing operations while maintaining product integrity. Trust Pharmapack for your stick packing needs and experience the benefits of seamless, efficient, and precise packaging.


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