Pharmapack's Stick Packing Machines: Optimize Efficiency and Versatility

In the fast-paced world of packaging, efficiency and versatility are key factors that businesses consider when choosing the right stick packing machines. A reputable brand in the field, Pharmapack provides a selection of cutting-edge stick packing options that are intended to maximise effectiveness and guarantee accurate packaging. Pharmapack provides high-performance equipment that satisfies a variety of company demands, with an emphasis on the Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine and the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D.


Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine: Streamlined Stick Packing Process


Pharmapack's Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine is designed to streamline the stick packing process. It features a horizontal to vertical chute and counting system, ensuring accurate and efficient stick counting. The stick arranging belt and combining device further facilitate the seamless packaging of sticks. With its GMP compliance, this machine meets the stringent quality standards required in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Pharmapack also offers an optional SCADA system, which provides enhanced automation and management capabilities, allowing businesses to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D: Precision and Compatibility


Pharmapack's Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D is a high-performance solution that offers precision and compatibility. Its servo modular design allows for seamless integration and faster speed, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The machine's I-Mark remote control and servo drive system guarantee high filling accuracy, minimizing errors and reducing product waste. The adjustable film width feature makes the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D compatible with various packaging requirements, allowing businesses to cater to a wide range of products. Additionally, the machine's double pack structure provides flexibility and versatility, meeting the diverse needs of customers. Pharmapack has prioritized the ergonomic design of the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D, incorporating an intuitive touch screen operation and formula management system, making it user-friendly and easy to operate.


Safety and Hygienic Design: Ensuring Product Integrity


Pharmapack understands the importance of product integrity and prioritizes safety and hygiene in its stick packing machines. The machines are equipped with stainless steel and aluminum components, ensuring a rust-free and pollution-free packaging environment. This design not only complies with GMP environment standards but also ensures the longevity and durability of the equipment. Furthermore, all control components used in Pharmapack's stick packing machines have undergone rigorous testing and hold international standardized certifications, guaranteeing their reliability and performance. The machines also feature enhanced safety measures, providing operators with a convenient and safe working environment.




Pharmapack's stick packing machines offer businesses the opportunity to optimize efficiency and versatility in their packaging operations. The Multi-Stick Automatic Packing Machine and the Duplex Bag Servo Stick-Packing Machine ALFVS-01D provide streamlined processes, precision, and compatibility. With a strong focus on safety and product integrity, Pharmapack's machines are designed to meet the highest quality standards. Choose Pharmapack for your stick packing needs and experience the benefits of efficient, precise, and reliable packaging solutions.

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