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As a leading packing machine manufacturer, Pharmapack understands the crucial role of reliable and high-quality packaging equipment in various industries. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Pharmapack has established itself as a trusted brand in the market.


ALFVS-4S Servo-controlled Stick Packing Machine 4 Row


One of Pharmapack's standout offerings is the ALFVS-4S Servo-controlled Stick Packing Machine 4 Row. This advanced machine operates based on a well-defined working principle, ensuring efficient and precise packaging processes.


The ALFVS-4S Servo-controlled Stick Packing Machine 4 Row excels in its film handling and preparation process, stick package forming and sealing, as well as the measuring and filling process. Each step is meticulously executed to deliver exceptional results and meet the diverse packaging needs of businesses.


One of the key features of this packing machine is its precision packaging capabilities. With high-precision I-Mark remote control and servo drive technology, Pharmapack ensures accurate packaging and reduces noise levels, contributing to a seamless production environment.


Advantages and Applications of the ALFVS-4S packing machine


The machine's film tension control and automatic rectification system further enhance its performance. The EtherCAT bus servo encoder enables precise control of film tension, while the PID-driven unreeling servo motor automatically adjusts the reeling speed based on the film reel's size. This ensures stable reeling of the packaging film, minimizing disruptions in the packaging process.


Additionally, Pharmapack's ALFVS-4S packing machine incorporates a film changing alarm and isolated film rolls for improved efficiency and sealing. The machine alerts operators two minutes before the film is exhausted, allowing sufficient time for film replacement. The film rolls are placed inside the chassis, preventing dust from adhering to the film surface and ensuring optimal sealing quality.


The ALFVS-4S packing machine offers several advantages and finds applications in various industries. Its precision packaging capabilities make it suitable for packaging a wide range of products. With a maximum production speed of 70 cuts per minute and a low failure rate, the machine ensures high-speed operation and increased productivity.


Furthermore, the ALFVS-4S packing machine offers versatility in measuring and filling methods. Whether using measuring cups, screws, electronic counting, or liquid pumps, Pharmapack provides customizable solutions to meet the specific product characteristics and requirements of businesses as a excellent packing machine manufacturer.




Pharmapack stands as a leading packing machine manufacturer, dedicated to producing reliable and efficient equipment. The ALFVS-4S Servo-controlled Stick Packing Machine 4 Row exemplifies Pharmapack's commitment to innovation and excellence. With its precision packaging, high-speed operation, and versatility, this machine provides businesses with enhanced productivity and the assurance of quality packaging processes. Trust Pharmapack for all your packing machine needs and experience the difference that a market-leading manufacturer can make.

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