Pharmapack Presents: LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine - Revolutionizing Secondary Packaging

Pharmapack is proud to introduce the LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine, a state-of-the-art solution designed to streamline secondary packaging processes. With a maximum production speed of 5000 packs per hour, this innovative machine offers unmatched efficiency and precision for the pharmaceutical industry.


Stations for Sorting and Preparing Cassette Components:


The LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine incorporates advanced stations for sorting and preparing cassette components. At the cassette bottom cover sorting station, the machine ensures accurate sorting and orientation of bottom covers, correcting any cover positions or directions that may be misplaced. Additionally, the diagnostic bar cutting and dual-lane placing station efficiently cuts long bars into smaller diagnostic bars and conducts quality inspection, rejecting any defective bars.


Stations for Assembling and Packaging Cassettes:


Efficient cassette assembly and packaging are crucial in the secondary packaging process. The LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine features a cassette top cover sorting station that ensures proper sorting and orientation of top covers, guaranteeing seamless assembly. The cassette assembling station precisely places the top cover onto the bottom with the diagnostic bar and presses it to ensure a tight closure. To further enhance productivity, the machine incorporates a cassette transportation station for seamless movement of finished cassettes to subsequent stations.


Stations for Desiccant Placement and Bag Opening:


Proper desiccant placement and bag opening are essential for maintaining product integrity. The LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine boasts a desiccant cutting and placing station, which accurately cuts desiccant into suitable pieces and places them into conveyor buckets. The bag opening station utilizes suction to efficiently open bags, facilitating the insertion of cassettes and desiccants.


Bag Sealing and Machine Advantages


The LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine features a cassette and desiccant inserting station, ensuring smooth insertion into bags. The bag sealing station utilizes a diamond cut heat sealing technique that guarantees both exceptional quality and appearance. This innovative machine offers several advantages over traditional packing solutions, including high speed and efficiency, impeccable stability and quality control, an innovative control system with a motion controller, cutting-edge heat sealing and bag opening design, and an ergonomic and user-friendly machine layout.




With the introduction of the LFC-08CD Diagnostic Cassette Packing Machine, Pharmapack is revolutionizing secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. From efficient sorting and assembly stations to precise desiccant placement and bag sealing, this advanced machine offers unparalleled speed, accuracy, and quality control. Choose Pharmapack for cutting-edge technology and exceptional solutions in secondary packaging.

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