Elevate Your Packaging Process with Pharmapack's Intelligent Solutions

Pharmapack is your trusted packaging machine manufacturers in the world of intelligent packaging solutions. We are dedicated to providing innovative equipment that revolutionizes your packaging process. Our Duplex bag servo stick-packing machine ALFVS-01D is designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety. With a focus on servo modular design, high filling accuracy, greater compatibility, ergonomic design, and safety features, we offer solutions that optimize productivity and meet the highest industry standards. Elevate your packaging process with Pharmapack's intelligent solutions.


Revealing the ALFVS-01D's Operating Principle

The ALFVS-01D Duplex bag servo stick-packing machine seamlessly executes the packaging process for strip packaged products. It starts by unwinding the packaging material, followed by coding, molding, longitudinal sealing, secondary longitudinal sealing, metering, filling, transverse sealing, easy-to-tear features, and bag cutting. This efficient workflow ensures precise and reliable packaging, saving you time and resources while maintaining the integrity of your products.


Accepting Servo Modular Architecture for Improved Efficiency

At Pharmapack, we believe in the power of adaptability and efficiency. Our ALFVS-01D features servo modular design, allowing each functional module to be designed and combined quickly based on order requirements. The servo control system seamlessly diffuses each functional module, resulting in faster speeds and more stable operations. This innovative design empowers you to meet your packaging needs with ease and precision, maximizing overall performance and customer satisfaction.


Getting Higher Compatibility and High Filling Accuracy

In intelligent packaging, accuracy is paramount. Pharmapack's ALFVS-01D ensures high filling accuracy through the integration of high-precision I-Mark remote control and servo drive. This combination guarantees precise packaging while reducing noise levels. Additionally, our equipment offers greater compatibility, accommodating different film widths ranging from 60mm to 180mm. By replacing change parts, you can effortlessly adapt the machine to suit your specific packaging requirements. The double pack structure furtherdivides one strip pack into two sealing areas, catering to a wider range of customer needs.



Pharmapack, a trusted provider of intelligent packaging solutions, is committed to elevating your packaging process. Our ALFVS-01D Duplex bag servo stick-packing machine with its servo modular design, high filling accuracy, greater compatibility, ergonomic design, and safety features is the perfect solution for optimizing your packaging operations. By choosing Pharmapack as your partner, you gain access to innovative technologies that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Elevate your packaging process today with Pharmapack's intelligent solutions and experience the transformative impact they have on your business. Trust Pharmapack to deliver excellence and take your packaging operations to new heights.

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