Optimize Your Packaging Process with Pharmapack's Primary and Secondary Packaging Solutions

Pharmapack is your trusted provider of primary and secondary packaging solutions. We understand the significance of efficient and accurate packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop the ALFBC-40 Continuous Horizontal Cartoner, a cutting-edge equipment designed to streamline your packaging operations. With features like separated cabinets design, low noise conveyors, mechanical pushers, and easy adjustment systems, our solutions ensure optimal performance, safety, and hygiene. Join us at Pharmapack and optimize your packaging process with our primary and secondary packaging solutions.


Unveiling the Working Principle of the ALFBC-40 Cartoner

The ALFBC-40 Continuous Horizontal Cartoner revolutionizes your packaging process with its precise working principle. To begin, product A is placed manually or automatically on the in-feeding conveyor B. The product coming sensor sends a signal to extract the carton from C and feed it onto the conveyor, simultaneously pre-opening the carton. The carton is then positioned on the station while the leaflet is conveyed to the insertion point D. The leaflet is seamlessly inserted into the carton along with the product. As the carton passes through the F station, the flap is printed, completing the packaging process accurately and efficiently.


Embracing Features for Enhanced Packaging Performance

Pharmapack's ALFBC-40 Cartoner incorporates a range of features to optimize your packaging performance. The separated cabinets design ensures that driving parts and auxiliary parts are contained within the cabinets, preventing paper and material chips from entering the driving system. This design promotes sanitation, safety, and ease of maintenance. Our in-feeding conveyor and cartons conveyor, made of alloy chains,carry products and cartons with low noise and stable running, ensuring smooth transportation throughout the packaging process.

Ensuring Efficiency and Reliability through Advanced Mechanisms

Pharmapack's ALFBC-40 Cartoner integrates advanced mechanisms to ensure high-speed and reliable packaging. The carton sucking and pre-opening system utilizes separated servo motors, allowing for easy adjustment of horizontal and vertical directions. Mechanical pushers enable continuous cartoning during product in-feed, ensuring speed and stability. The flapping mechanism adopts a special ellipse similar coupler-point curve movement, further enhancing packaging efficiency. With a single motor driving multiple parts, such as product in-feed, carton loading, flapping, indexing, coding, and carton out-feed, our equipment ensures mechanical synchronization and long-term performance without the need for modifications.



Pharmapack, a leading provider of primary and secondary packaging solutions, is dedicated to optimizing your packaging process. Our ALFBC-40 Continuous Horizontal Cartoner, featuring a separated cabinets design, low noise conveyors, mechanical pushers, and advanced mechanisms, offers a reliable and efficient packaging solution. By choosing Pharmapack as your partner, you gain access to innovative technologies that optimize your packaging process. Optimize your packaging efficiency today with Pharmapack's primary and secondary packaging solutions. Trust us to deliver excellence and elevate your packaging operations to new heights.

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