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Our commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice when it comes to labeling machines. Trust Pharmapack to provide you with cutting-edge technology, reliability, and exceptional performance for all your labeling needs.


Versatility for Different Product Types

Pharmapack's labeling machines, including our PB-1800D Horizontal Automatic Double-Bag Packing Machine, offer versatility in handling various product types. Whether you need to label powders, granules, liquids, viscous substances, sugar, tablets, capsules, pills, or pellets, our machines are designed to accommodate your specific requirements. With the ability to integrate with counters, multi-head weighing machines, measuring trays, and different printing methods such as steel seal, hot-pressing printing, and heat transfer printing, Pharmapack provides comprehensive labeling solutions for your diverse product range.


Customization and Advanced Features

Pharmapack understands that each business has unique labeling needs. That's why we offer customizable machines to meet your specific requirements. Our custom-made labeling machines can incorporate features such as zipper additions to the bag mouth for easy access, diamond tearing and line-tearing areas for enhanced opening convenience, European holes for hanging options, and self-supporting bag capabilities. Additionally, our machines can achieve different sealing patterns, including lattice, stripes, or plain, giving your products a distinctive look and enhancing their visual appeal.


Seamless Integration and Efficiency

Pharmapack's labeling machines are designed to seamlessly integrate into your production line, ensuring smooth and efficient labeling operations. Our machines can be easily integrated with other packaging equipment such as counters, multi-head weighing machines, and measuring trays, streamlining your packaging process and increasing productivity. With Pharmapack's labeling machines, you can achieve precise labeling, accurate product identification, and efficient packaging, ultimately saving time and resources.



Pharmapack stands as a reputable and trusted labeling machine manufacturer, offering versatile and customizable solutions for your labeling needs. Our PB-1800D Horizontal Automatic Double-Bag Packing Machine exemplifies our commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence. With features that cater to different product types, customization options, advanced functionalities, seamless integration capabilities, and efficiency-enhancing designs, our labeling machines are the ideal choice for your business. Trust Pharmapack to provide you with state-of-the-art technology, reliability, and precision, ensuring the success of your labeling operations. Choose Pharmapack as your labeling machine manufacturer and experience the expertise and dedication we bring to the industry.

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