Find Reliable Pharma Packaging Solutions with Pharmapack

As a leading pharma packaging company, Pharmapack is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. With our state-of-the-art LFLB-4120S Floor-standing labeling machine, we offer unparalleled performance and accuracy for efficient labeling processes. Our advanced technology and user-friendly interface ensure seamless operations, making Pharmapack the preferred choice for pharmaceutical packaging requirements.


Precise Label Dispensing with Servo Motor Technology

At Pharmapack, we understand the importance of precise label dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry. Our LFLB-4120S Floor-standing labeling machine utilizes a servo motor to drive the label dispenser, enabling closed-loop control. With a dispensing accuracy of up to 0.2mm, our machine ensures accurate label placement on various packaging materials. Additionally, the maximum label dispensing speed of 60 meters per minute ensures efficient and timely operations.


Versatile Labeling for Diverse Objects

Pharmapack's LFLB-4120S Floor-standing labeling machine features multidimensional and angle adjustment capabilities. This allows the machine to adapt to a wide range of labeled objects, accommodating different shapes and sizes. Whether you need to label bottles, boxes, or other pharmaceutical packaging, our machine offers the versatility required to meet your specific labeling needs.


Advanced Control System for Enhanced Efficiency

Our LFLB-4120S labeling machine incorporates a special control system based on MCU multi-point control unit. This system ensures higher control accuracy, making it easier to handle complex labeling requirements. The labeler can receive control signals from the upper machine in an online condition, enabling seamless integration into your production line. With a user-friendly human-machine interface on the touch screen, operating the machine becomes easy and convenient.



When it comes to reliable and efficient pharma packaging solutions, Pharmapack stands out as a trusted partner. Our LFLB-4120S Floor-standing labeling machine offers exceptional performance, precision, and versatility. With features such as servo motor-driven label dispensing, multidimensional adjustment, and an advanced control system, our machine streamlines labeling processes and enhances overall efficiency. Choose Pharmapack for your pharmaceutical packaging needs and experience the difference of cutting-edge technology and dedicated service.

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