Enhancing Packaging Efficiency with Pharmapack's Auto Booklet Outserter

As one of the leading medical packaging companies, Pharmapack understands the importance of efficient and accurate packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our LFOS-12 Auto Booklet Outserter is designed to streamline the process of applying pre-folded booklets onto bottle caps, ensuring precise placement and optimal packaging efficiency. With advanced technology and user-friendly controls, Pharmapack offers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Streamlined Booklet Application Process

The LFOS-12 booklet outserter simplifies the process of applying pre-folded booklets to bottles. The booklets, manually placed on the conveyor, are securely held by vacuum suckers on the rotary axis. When a bottle approaches, the sensor sends a signal to the programmable logic controller (PLC), which instructs the glue dispenser to spray glue. The vacuum suckers then press the booklet onto the cap, completing the stacking process seamlessly.


Advanced Technology for Accurate Placement

Our booklet label machine utilizes micro-computer controls with a touch screen, making parameter adjustments convenient and visual. The LFOS-12 is capable of applying booklets on caps of various sizes, ensuring versatility for different packaging requirements. Additionally, the optional barcode reader can validate different barcodes and detect missing booklets, further enhancing quality control in the packaging process.


Reliable Performance and Easy Maintenance

Pharmapack's LFOS-12 booklet outserter is equipped with a detecting sensor that is unaffected by electrical noise or ultrasonic interference. This ensures accurate and consistent booklet application, minimizing errors and improving overall packaging efficiency. The timing screw is used to position and synchronize the bottles with the vacuum nozzle, guaranteeing precise placement of booklets. The machine's advanced monitoring and alarm system provide easy operation and maintenance, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted production.



Pharmapack's auto booklet outserter, the LFOS-12, offers medical packaging companies a reliable and efficient solution for booklet application. With its micro-computer controls, touch screen interface, and customizable features, our machine ensures accurate and streamlined packaging processes. Our dedicated team provides turnkey packaging solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements, supported by professional pre-sales and after-sales service centers. Trust Pharmapack to enhance your production efficiency and deliver high-quality packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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