Elevate Your Packaging Efficiency with Pharmapack's LFOS-12 Booklet Outserter

As one of the leading medical packaging companies, Pharmapack is dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our LFOS-12 Booklet Outserter is designed to streamline your packaging processes, ensuring precision, efficiency, and reliability in medical packaging.


Advanced Booklet Outserting Technology

The LFOS-12 Booklet Outserter from Pharmapack offers unparalleled functionality for booklet placement on various packaging components. Utilizing vacuum suction technology on the rotary axis, pre-folded booklets are seamlessly transferred onto bottles with precision and speed. The integration of sensors, PLC control, and glue dispensers ensures smooth and efficient booklet application, enhancing the overall packaging process.


Customized Packaging Solutions

At Pharmapack, we understand that every business has unique requirements. That's why we offer a range of custom packaging equipment to meet the specific needs of our clients. From micro-computer controls with touch screen interfaces to barcode validation capabilities, our solutions are designed to adapt to diverse packaging demands in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.


Superior Industry Application

The LFOS-12 Booklet Outserter is specifically tailored for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their packaging operations. With features such as accurate booklet application, adjustable parameter settings, and reliable barcode validation, Pharmapack's outserter system ensures precise and efficient packaging processes that meet industry standards and regulations.


Unmatched One-Stop Packaging Service

Pharmapack is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and seamless packaging experience. Our one-stop packaging service ensures that all your packaging needs are met under one roof. From research and development to design, manufacturing, and technical support, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific requirements. By choosing Pharmapack, you gain access to a team of experts who will guide you through the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation. We understand the importance of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in packaging, and our one-stop service is designed to exceed your expectations.



Pharmapack's LFOS-12 Booklet Outserter is a game-changer for medical packaging companies seeking to optimize their production efficiency and maintain high standards of quality. With user-friendly controls, advanced monitoring systems, and customizable services, Pharmapack offers turnkey packaging solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Trust Pharmapack to elevate your packaging operations and ensure seamless, reliable, and efficient production processes in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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