Streamlining Secondary Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Pharmapack

Pharmapack, a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry, offers innovative solutions to streamline secondary packaging in pharmaceutical industry. Our ALFRT-40C Automatic Tray Loading Machine is designed to handle a wide range of products and trays, meeting the highest standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). With its stable performance, simple structure, and user-friendly features, our tray loader is a reliable choice for efficient secondary packaging.


Versatile and User-Friendly Tray Loading

The ALFRT-40C Automatic Tray Loading Machine from Pharmapack is suitable for various industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. Its versatile design allows it to accommodate different trays, ensuring compatibility with your specific packaging needs. With a beautiful appearance, compact structure, and convenient maintenance, our tray loader is built to enhance both efficiency and aesthetics. The servo drive, PLC control system, and user-friendly man-machine interface make operation simple and reliable.


Seamless Integration and Efficient Operation

Our tray loading machine can be seamlessly integrated into your production line, allowing for online operation with other devices. The working process is optimized for smooth and efficient tray loading. The material, such as bottles, is transported through the roller chain to the feeder flat belt until it reaches the designated station limit. The sub-supporting mechanism allows for easy manual addition of bottle holders, while the tray-loading machine automatically positions the trays underneath. The bottles are then detected and transported to the next process, ensuring a seamless workflow.


Customizable Solutions for Diverse Packaging Requirements

Pharmapack's tray loaders are designed to meet the diverse packaging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you need single or multi-row trays with one or more items per compartment, for round or rectangular cakes and biscuits, our tray loader offers the flexibility and adaptability to accommodate your specific products. We understand that every packaging need is unique, and our customizable solutions ensure that your secondary packaging processes are optimized for efficiency and precision.



When it comes to streamlining secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmapack is the trusted partner you can rely on. Our ALFRT-40C Automatic Tray Loading Machine offers stable performance, a simple structure, and convenient maintenance. With its versatile design, user-friendly features, and seamless integration capabilities, our tray loader ensures efficient and reliable secondary packaging operations. Choose Pharmapack for your pharmaceutical packaging needs and experience the difference of innovative technology and dedicated service.

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