LFID-12 Pouch desiccant inserter
LFID-12 Pouch desiccant inserter
Maximum Production Speed:120 sachets/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. output 

120 sachets/min 

Pouch size 

Length: 2050mm Width: 1030mm

Bottle size 

Round Bottle: φ20φ100mm; 

Square Bottle: 20100mm 

Height: 40200mm 

Power supply 

AC220V 50/60HZ


0.55 KW 

Air pressure 

0.50.7 Mpa 

Air consumption 

15L/min., clean air 

Measurement(L×W ×H) 

Approx. 1260mm×590mm×1915mm 


Approx. 95kg 

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WORKING Principle
The desiccants strip on the roll holder is routed through several guiding wheels, through the length verification device and into the dispenser. Once the machine starts, the dispenser feeds a preset length of the desiccant strip with the help of the servo motor. If the actual length is confirmed as the setting by the length verification device the desiccant sachet will be cut by the cutter and drop into the bottle via the nozzle.
The LFID-12 is a reliable, high performance machine, designed in conformance with current and proposed GMPs. Having a small footprint, it is effective in maintaining the integrity of a clean room environment. Few changeover parts are required (only a nozzle )

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