LFLBR-124032    Rotary round bottle labeler
LFLBR-124032 Rotary round bottle labeler
Maximum Production Speed:60m/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. label dispensing speed


Max. Speed

300 bpm(Depends on the bottle size and label length)

Bottle size

¢35-80mmRound bottle,height 60-150mm

Labeling accuracy


Power consumption


Power supply

AC220V  50/60Hz

Compressed air


Air consumption


Machine dimension / L*W*H

5500mm(L)×2616mm(W)×2248 mm(H)

Machine weight


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Bottle comes from upstream to Bottle Infeed Screw, from where bottles are separated evenly and then accurately move to the Star Wheel; Next, the Star Wheel transfers the bottle one by one exactly to every center station of the operation desktop. The operation desktop rotates constantly and drive each station forward and then send bottles to A&B labeling heads for labeling(each labeling head dispenses labels to bottle in the order of 1212) .When bottles are attached with labels, Rotary bottle mechanism makes labels tightly fix on the bottles. Finally, bottles come to Outfeed Star Wheel to next station after well labeled.


1.Machine is under PLC control.

2.The main motor uses German SEW variable frequency stepless speed motor.

3.With power overload protection device.

4.Automatic start with bottle, automatic stop without bottle.

5.Less parts, convenient and quick changeover.

6.The outer frame of the machine is made of stainless steel AISI304 material, which conforms to GMP requirements.

7.Configuration of double UV detection &automatic rejection on missing label.

8.It is optional to equip with hot stamping ribbon printing (E type printer), laser printer, heat transfer printer for the label of the three phase code printing.

9.It is optional to equip with such detection &rejection as three period code printing is clear or not, whether there is printing or not, printing is correct or not.

10.Fast labeling with double headers.

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