LF-0601C Contactless counter capper monoblock machine
LF-0601C Contactless counter capper monoblock machine
Maximum Production Speed:Max.20-60BPM (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed


Bottle size

Bottle diameter:φ25~φ70 mm

                    Bottle height:50~200 mm

Tablet/capsule size


 length:3 – 21 mm Pills, tablets, soft& hard capsules, and other solid medicine.

Power supply

AC380V 50Hz

Compressed air & Air consumption

0.49 –0.7MPa,200L/min



Machine Dimension

4257 (L)×3297(W)×6239(H)

Machine weight

Approx.1200KG(with elevator)

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Refer to figure 2, the figure is a planform of Monoblock machine of counter and capper .As shown in figure 3, the conveyor belt 1 running from left to right.Under the match of turntable (2) (a total of 16 location) and guardrail , sample bottles from the conveyer belt into bottle feeding station(3) .Turntable put the bottle to the counting location and filling tablets,and then the sample bottle was putted into cylinder . The cap arrived hang cap system(4) by slide rail 5(figure not shown). when the cover sample bottles are sent to screw cap (6) location, cap and sample bottle make a good combination according to the sizes .The turntable takes the sample bottle to the outlet station,the sample bottle is brought to the conveyor 7. In this way, the filling process of tablet, the packing process of hanging cover and pressing cover are completed, and the linkage and control of each machine are realized in a compact and orderly way. 



1.Turntable drives precisely without clearance.

2.Combo machine is more economical.

3.Combo mechanical control is simpler.

4.Counting accurately.

5.The cover hanging system is linked to the turntable and screw cap.

6.No aluminum foil or screw cap automatic removal function.

7.The function of dynamic graphic display on the touch screen is simple to operate and the interface is good.

8.Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time audible and visual alarm and display system.

9.The torque of cap can be adjusted in a certain range.

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