Duplex bag servo stick-packing machine ALFVS-01D
Duplex bag servo stick-packing machine ALFVS-01D
Maximum Production Speed:65 cuts/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)




65 cuts/min

Row number

1 rows

Film width of each row


Stick length


Filling accuracy


Power supply

AC380V  50/60HZ



Air pressure


Air consumption






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1、Working Principle

This equipment completes the whole packaging process of strip packaged products through the process of unwinding - (coding) - molding - longitudinal sealing - secondary longitudinal sealing - metering - filling - transverse sealing - (easy to tear) - bag cutting.


(1)Servo modular design

Each functional module is completely designed according to the modularization concept, and each functional module can be quickly designed and combined according to the requirements of the order; through the servo control system, each functional module can be seamlessly diffracted, with faster speed and more stable work.

(2)High filling accuracy

High-precision I-Mark remote control and servo drive ensure precise packaging with better noise reduction.

(3)Greater compatibility

A.By replace change part, different film width packages from 60-180mm can be realized.

B.The structure of double pack, one strip pack is divided into two sealing areas to meet wider customer needs.

(4)Better ergonomic design

A. The system adopts industrial computer control, touch screen direct click menu operation mode, parameter adjustment is convenient and intuitive.

B. With formula management function, different specifications of product parameters stored in the form of formulas, according to the production of products to call the corresponding formula.

C. Equipment installed in a variety of safety devices, any door open or disconnect the line will automatically sound an alarm, the working state of the equipment and faults, there are reminders to warn the function, so that the operation and maintenance is more convenient and safe.

(5)Higher safety and hygienic design

A. All parts and components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel and aluminum, which are rust-free and pollution-free, and meet the requirements of GMP environment.

B. All system control components have international standardized certification, and after strict factory inspection tests to ensure the reliability of each function.

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