PVS-01  Single row automatic stick packing machine
PVS-01 Single row automatic stick packing machine
Maximum Production Speed:60 cut/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

60 cut/min

Stick qty.

1 stick

Film width


Stick length


Filling accuracy


Power consumption

AC380V 50/60Hz

Compressed air


Air consumption


Power supply

(Approx.) 20.0KW

Machine dimension/ L*W*H


Machine weight

(Approx.) 3800Kg

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Fill the blanking through screw rotation, and after packed by multi-stick automatic packing machine, the slip-out bags slide to 10 stations on the conveyor belt through 10 chutes linked on the machine. Transfer bags on the lifting groove by using lifting mechanism, and then 10 bags are transferred to the conveyor belt by intermittent movement. Meanwhile, the use of servo drive control system makes equipment more accurate position control, more stable and more reliable.


Accurate Packing 

Highly precise I-MARK sensing and servo drive leads precise packing as well as less noise. 

Automatic Rectification

The film board can be adjusted from left to right, the photocell can be calibrated. 

Alarm of Replace Film 

Alarm gives notice 2 minutes prior to the film is finished When the film is completely consumed, the machine will stop at its Designated position. 

Twice Sealing 

This machine seals products twice consecutively for perfect sealing. The product cutting is being done at the same time the machine does the secondary sealing. Reduce the rate of nonconforming products and improve production efficiency.

Safety Assurance 

A variety of safety devices installed in a machine and alert when any doors opened or hot-wire snapped via buzzer sounds. 

Easy Operation 

Adjusting handles are located in front of the machine for easy operating.

The front end of the whole machine is embedded mechanism with independent module, optional inkjet code and spacious laser equipment space. It is convenient for operators to operate and maintain.

Comply with GMP standard

According to GMP standards, AISI 316L stainless steel is used in the contact part with pharmaceuticals, and AISI 304 stainless steel is used in the machine cover which meets the standards.

Slot Type Transition Conveyor

Transfer the transferred 10 bags to 10 slot type transition conveyor belt, and ensure that each interval on the transition conveyor belt has another bag product. Meanwhile, transfer the transferred bags to the secondary counting mechanism of the station.

Round-cutting Mechanism

After each bag goes through the round-cutting mechanism, copper tube type cooling finalize the shape, and the bag is more artistic.

Double-Tearing mechanism

Double-tearing mechanism realize cutting a small opening at the longitudinal sealing edge of the bag, so that it is easier to open the packaging bag.

Waste Edge Winding Function

The excess edge material on both sides is cut out by the cutting knife splitting mechanism and pulled to the waste edge winding mechanism through the guide pipe. When the tension roller reaches the lower limit, the feedback signal of the sensor is sent to the winding motor, which is repeated to realize the wrapping film waste side winding function.

Human Machine Interface

Menu type operation interface in both Chinese and English, easy to learn and operate, and parameter storage function. It can store up to 50 sets of parameter information, convenient to use. Multi-variety production can effectively reduce the adjustment time of changing varieties.

Fault display function to help operators quickly troubleshooting.

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