Pharmapack Makes Remarkable Achievements in the Mobile Site Meeting of the Six Tough Battles

On January 15, the Mobile Site Meeting of the Six Tough Battleskicked off in Ganzhou. Participants conducted the on-site inspection of projects concerning six tough battles and checked the new characteristics, highlights and changes of project construction in various regions.

Four major leader teams formed by Wu Zhongqiong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province and Secretary of Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zeng Wenming, Deputy Secretary of Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ganzhou, Zhao Duoxian, Director of the Standing Committee of Ganzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Peng Yeming, Chairman of Ganzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Hu Xuemei, Deputy Secretary of Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Ganzhou, and other leaders attended the on-site inspection. 

On that day, participants successively visited Zhanggong District, Ganxian District, Xingguo County and Yudu County to inspect projects such as Fantawild (Ganzhou ) Dongfang Yuxiao Park Project, TELD's New Infrastructure Project, the South Manufacturing Base Project of Wego, Demonstration Project of Housing Reconstruction in Rundown Urban Areas and Old Urban Residential Communities Renovation in Ganxian District and the Intelligent Packaging Automation Equipment Project of Ganzhou Pharmapack Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

The Mobile Site Meeting lasts for five days from January 15 to January 19

The four major leader teams led the main responsible comrades for the Party and government affairs of the counties (cities and districts), Ganzhou, Longnan and Ruijin Economic and Technological Development Zones, Ganzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Ganzhou Rongjiang New Area and the main responsible persons of relevant departments directly under city government to inspect the six major projects on site and review the economic and social development achievements and project progress in the past one year.

The Mobile Site Meeting strictly implemented the central Party leadership’s eight-point decision on improving work conduct and the detailed rules for implementation as well as relevant provincial and municipal regulations to resolutely remove the formalism and bureaucracy. At the same time, relevant pandemic prevention and control measures shall be strictly implemented to ensure that the meeting was held efficiently, practically, safely and smoothly. According to the schedule, two comment meetings were also held to comment on the six major projects under inspection. At the end of the meeting, centralized scoring was also carried out.

Ganzhou Pharmapack Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. demonstrated its smart plants to all visiting leaders through displayed AGV as well as VR and AR presentation on site, and the visiting leaders highly recognized its equipment intelligence. It was reported that Ganzhou Pharmapack Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. had made remarkable achievements in this meeting. 

Source of pictures and texts: WeChat official account of gztv630

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