"Converged Innovation, Intelligent Future" | Pharmapack-China Unicom Strategic Cooperation Agreement on 5G + Smart Cloud Manufacturing

On January 6, Pharmapack Technologies Corporation and the relevant principal of China Unicom Guangzhou Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement on "5G+Smart Cloud Manufacturing Industrial Internet Industry Demonstration Base", for which a grand inauguration ceremony was held.

Before the signing ceremony, Pharmapack expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Kong Xiangbin, Member of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of Guangdong Branch of China Unicom and Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Guangzhou Sub-branch of China Unicom. Mr. Jiang Dewei, Chairman of Pharmapack, accompanied guests from China Unicom to visit the company's intelligent factory and VR and AR demonstrations, and Mr. Kong expressed his high recognition of Pharmapack's business philosophy of focusing on innovations.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "change begins with innovation", Pharmapack, a well-known enterprise in the global intelligent packaging equipment and coding labeling system industry, is actively integrating resources and continuing to improve the intelligence of products. It is committed to making contributions to the realization of "Made in China 2025" (5G+Industry 4.0 Smart Cloud Manufacturing) in the packaging industry.

Pharmapack and China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement, aiming to jointly establish the first smart factory project for the pharmaceutical packaging industry in Guangdong Province by relying on China Unicom's mature "5G+ Industrial Internet" and "Full-service Communications" technologies, and to realize the leapfrog development of the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry. According to Mr. Jiang, the company will be committed to deeply integrating 5G technology into pharmaceutical packaging equipment solutions to help China's pharmaceutical companies build the future factory where the "automation, digitalization and intelligence" of pharmaceutical workshops are realized.

Today's signing ceremony will mark the beginning of complementing each other's advantages, information sharing and win-win cooperation between Pharmapack and China Unicom. The two sides will further expand the scope of cooperation, strengthen the content of cooperation and enhance the value of cooperation in various aspects such as product development and innovation, information construction, marketing and customer services, so as to better reflect our historical mission and social responsibility in promoting national economic development.

 This is the first "new infrastructure" demonstration project in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry in Guangdong Province.  Since 2020, China has been encouraging "the accelerated construction of 5G networks, data centers and other new infrastructure", and the in-depth application of 5G technology will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the pharmaceutical equipment industry. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement marks that Pharmapack and China Unicom will step into a new development stage of cooperation in the fields of basic communications, 5G innovative business, industrial Internet and information upgrade.

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