Pharmapack Evaluated as "Grade-III Class-A Unit" for Specifications on Business Archives Work in Guangdong Province

Since 2017, Pharmapack has established an archives office according to the national, provincial and municipal norms on archives business construction and given the existing actual situation of archives management. Under the correct leadership of leaders at all levels, the company has been tackling difficulties and forging ahead by focusing closely on the work objectives, and has successfully completed the established tasks of archives management.

On October 29, 2020, Pharmapack Technologies Corporation was evaluated by the Guangdong Provincial Archives Bureau as the "Grade-III Class-A Unit" for Specifications on Business Archives Work in Guangdong Province, and the acquisition of this certificate marks that the company's archives management has been pushed to a new level.

With the rapid development of business, the company's quality and level of archives management have become one of the important marks to test its comprehensive governance capacity. Under the specific guidance and help of the archives bureau, the company has carefully sorted out its files by strictly following the requirements of the national standard for enterprise archives and insisting on the combination of "going out" and "bringing in". It has made great efforts to conduct the centralized and unified management of archival data, improve various systems, put special archivists and funds in place, accelerate the institutionalization, standardization and modernization of archives management, and raise the archiving quality of various categories and carriers of archives, so that the working environment and conditions of archives management have been significantly improved, the quality of each item of archives work has been sublimated, and innovations have been realized in the management process.

The existing archives of the company mainly include: product files, equipment and instrument files, infrastructure files, scientific research files, documentary archives, business files, audio and video archives, accounting archives, physical archives and electronic archives.

Through continuous efforts in the past three years, we applied to the superior unit for the evaluation of our specifications on archives work in 2020, achieving a good result of passing the evaluation at one time.

Being evaluated as the "Grade-III Class-A Unit" for Specifications on Business Archives Work in Guangdong Province is not only an honor for our company, but also a strong motivation for us to further improve archives management. We will closely focus on the guiding spirit of provincial and municipal archives management departments, make unremitting efforts, continue to expand the informatization development of archives, and strengthen the compilation, research, development and utilization of archives, so as to make the archives management work go through the entire operation and management process of the company, to embark on a more scientific and standardized track, and to play a greater role in serving the development of business and the company.

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