Warm congratulations on the official establishment of Pharmapack's subsidiary in Ganzhou

The New Factory Completed

Ganzhou Pharmapack Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

The year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary and of great importance for Pharmapack Technologies Corporation (Pharmapack), which has made glorious achievements that make all members of Pharmapack proud.

Spacious and comfortable office environment

On the morning of May 30, 2020, after careful preparations by Pharmapack members, Ganzhou Pharmapack Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Pharmapack's subsidiary in Ganzhou, held a grand opening ceremony of its new factory. Upholding the business philosophy of "change begins with innovation", Pharmapack actively integrates all resources to provide more efficient and high-quality services to customers. Meanwhile, the opening of the Ganzhou-based subsidiary is a crucial step towards Pharmapack's global strategy.

Lion Dance Show

At the ceremony, Pharmapack's partners and senior management, as well as all the staff of its Ganzhou-based subsidiary, witnessed the joyous moment together. Guided by the hosts, the members of Pharmapack held a flag-raising ceremony, followed by a roast piglet cutting event by Mr. Jiang Dewei, President of Pharmapack, hoping to earn a good start to the opening ceremony. Accompanied by warm applause from all audiences, the opening ceremony of the Ganzhou-based subsidiary came to a successful end.

Flag Raising Ceremony

    (Speech by Mr. Jiang Dewei)

Since its inception, Pharmapack has been steadily advancing and achieving brilliant results time and time again after years of struggle and preparations for take-off.  Due to its further expansion and growing business, Pharmapack is also facing production capacity pressure. The Ganzhou project covers an area of more than 100 mu, with 50 mu in the first phase. As a key manufacturing center in the company's development plan, the Ganzhou-based subsidiary will provide a strong guarantee for the company after its completion and with its strong manufacturing capacity, with a promising future.

On the day of the ceremony, a delegation led by Zhang Jinglin, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Ganxian District, chief executive of the Ganxian District government, director of the Management Committee of the Ganzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and deputy district chief Tang Rongfu visited our new factory amid urgent matters and gave on-site instructions. Ganzhou Pharmapack will take this project as a new starting point, continuing to move forward without falling short of its expectations.  

Mr. Jiang Dewei accompanies the delegation led by the Executive Director and Deputy Head of the Ganxian District Government of Ganzhou Municipality to visit the company

(A group photo with Pharmapack's Staff) 

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