Track & Trace System Facilitates Transparent Pharmaceutical Dispensing Process

With the escalation of the vaccine incident, the public's trust in local pharmaceutical companies continues to decline. How to regain the public's trust? Sanctions and declarations will not ultimately solve the problem. The only remedy is to establish a valid system of Track & Trace System to make the production and sale of medicines more transparent.

What is the Track & Trace system?

The Track & Trace system, which consists of an anti-counterfeit coding system and a barcode traceability system, is designed to give a unique identity code to products and packages. By linking to information from production procedures, it enables reverse query of a product in terms of logistics, manufacturing, and ingredients, and provides big data analytics for market consumption query, as well as information on authenticity, logistics, regional sales, and user reach.

What are the functions of the Track & Track system?

Through the close combination of the two systems, it generates a unique, non-repetitive informational label for each pharmaceutical product, and the label integrates seamlessly with the product. Information from each specific procedure, from manufacturing to distribution and sales, will be recorded in detail in the central database or on the cloud-encrypted IoT platform.

① Search Origin: Ensures the searchability of the origin of the drug to effectively prevent fake drugs and unauthorized drugs from appearing on the market, thus maximizing profits.

② Traceability of the destination: Through the linked logistics and sales information, the system provides the whereabouts of the medicines to avoid channel conflicts, and quickly locates and diagnoses the status of the medicines to be recalled.

③ Accountability: When there is a problematic product, the system can easily identify which procedure goes wrong and who is responsible, thus realizing accountability.

④ The system increases the transparency of the manufacture and sale of medicines, which favours the image of safe and ethical medicines.

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