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In the pharmaceutical industry, if you are packaging medicines in bottles, an automatic capping machine c3a2e0353b923f91e349710177e40e0c.jpgis essential pharmaceutical equipment. In mass production, we need to save time spent on capping. In this guide, you will learn about automatic capping machines that increase your capping efficiency. We'll start with the basics, and if you're a new buyer in the pharmaceutical field, read this article and we'll take you through every great aspect of Pharmapack automatic capping machines. 


  What Is An Automatic Capping Machine? 

Let's start with the definition.

Automatic capping machines help to place caps on top of different containers faster and better. This means that you can use the machine to place, install and tighten lids on different containers. The container may be a beverage bottle, a medicine bottle, or the like. Here are some examples of caps.


  Why You Need An Automatic Capping Machine ? 

An Automatic Capping Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry

The capper will automatically process the container and tighten the caps to rate depending on the machine type. Once you start using a screw capping machine, you will realize the benefits of using them. You will realize an increase in production. In addition to this, you will see increased productivity through accurate torque values. It will help eliminate labor fatigue and prevent unnecessary losses. In a mass production line, you will also save a lot of money because you don't need to hire a lot of manpower.


In the pharmaceutical industry, high-volume production of drugs delivered in vials and cartridges requires high-speed capping solutions. However, speed must not come at the expense of accuracy and flexibility. Modern high-capacity vial cappers are capable of delivering impressive capacity while maintaining product quality and vibrancy, with the flexibility to seal using screw-on, press-fit, tear-off, and flip-top closures.


Types of Automatic Capping Machines Provided by Pharmapack

There are different types of capping machines to choose from, depending on the type of caps, and how they are filled. Pharmapack can provide the required capping machines for different capping methods.


Inline Cap Retorquer

The PCL-15/15M In-Line Cap Retorquer is designed to retighten screw-on caps after induction sealing at speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute. The PCL-15/15M is designed in conformance with current and proposed GMPs.


Inline Screw-on Capper

PCL-15F Inline screw-on capper is designed to retighten screw-on caps after induction sealing at speeds of up to 150 bottles per minute. It utilizes the latest technology to automatically place and precisely torque a wide spectrum of cap types onto virtually any bottles type.





PCL-20FN Inline Screw-on Capper is perfect for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries products. It can use a specialized device to screw the messy caps and bottles sent from the unscrambler to the next step at a certain speed.


Applicable products are cylindrical, elliptical cylindrical, and rectangular plastic bottles with a height between 45~200mm and outer diameter between φ35~φ100mm. Bottles that are too large, too small, and not impact resistant (such as glass bottles) are not suitable for this machine.

It can be used with our automatic unscrambler, automatic counter, and other filling counting devices, which are usually connected by a conveyor. It can be used with our automatic unscrambler, automatic counter, and other filling counting devices, which are usually connected by a conveyor.



Inline Screw-on/Press-on Capper

The automatic capper PCL-15FN is a reliable, high-performance bottle filling and sealing machine. It's designed in conformance with current and proposed GMPs. Having a small footprint, they are effective in maintaining the integrity of a cleanroom environment. Few change parts are needed for different cap sizes (only the cap slide rail). Bulk caps are loaded into the hopper manually or automatically


Rotary Capper Machine For Screw Rotary Cap/ Press Rotary Cap

PCR-1506/2510/4016 for screw rotary cap designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries. It will go through the cover mechanism by the desired direction of the bottle cap, into the star wheel of the cap, caught by the capping, and from the previous process (such as the Bottle machine) came over the bottle of the spin together to a certain speed to the next process.


Applicable product (bottle) height between 45~205 mm, cylindrical, oval, and rectangular plastic bottles with an outside diameter of 20~60 mm, too large, too small, and impact-resistant bottles (such as glass bottles) are not suitable for this rotary capper.


PCT-1506/2510 Rotary capper machine for press rotary cap is designed to press-on caps after induction sealing at speeds of up to 150 bottles per minute. Applicable cap-height between 10~30 mm, Bottle height: 45~200 mm. The rotary capper system can handle press-on caps with ease on round or irregular-shaped containers. It has a top speed of up to 150 bottles per minute. It is suitable for caps of φ20~φ55mm and bottles of φ20~φ98mm.



 Reason To Use A Capper

 Why Choose Pharmapack Automatic Capping Machines?

(1) Fast capper for high volumes of vials and cartridges

The design of Pharmapack's Capper continues the smaller, more efficient product path. Linear transfer systems mean higher throughput and fewer feeding problems than other layouts.


(2)Accurate, reliable capper for low loss

Rotary cappers are usually larger, purpose-built machines that will help your company produce more BPM than regular in-line machines. However, if something goes wrong in the production process, many bottles tend to go to waste. The Pharmapack rotary capper solves this problem precisely because Pharmapack retorque machines are carefully controlled to minimize errors. The small form factor coupled with the linear design means that all areas of the machine can be quickly and easily accessed for maintenance or product changes, reducing the downtime typically associated with these activities.


  Benefits of Our Equipment 

Generally speaking, Pharmapack automatic capping machine has the following benefits:

1、High volume capping and high efficiency

2、Quality monitoring including particle, seal pressure, and lid visual inspection

3、Ease of access reduces the time associated with maintenance and conversion

4、Fully compliant with GMP standards


Reasons To Choose Us 

Why Choose Pharmapack as your Automatic Capping Machine Supplier?

In the pharmaceutical industry, automatic capping machines are used to seal vials and syrup bottles. The cap seals the top opening of the bottle to prevent product leakage and spoilage. The choice of capping machine also depends on the shape, size, material, production speed, product nature, and sterility requirements of the bottle.

In practical applications, Pharmapck PC series capping machines are usually used in conjunction with other machines, such as automatic bottle loading machines and automatic pelletizers. It is suitable for cylindrical, oval, and rectangular plastic bottles with a height of 45~205mm and an outer diameter of 20~60mm. Between processes, conveyor belts are mainly used to convey transitions.

To meet the various needs, and requirements of filling solid dosage bottles, Pharmapack excels in providing fully customized solutions. Pharmapack has a smart bottle packaging line. Our smart bottle packaging line consists of bottle unscramble, counter, inserter, capper, sealer, labeler, booklet outserter, cartoner, case packer, pelletizer.


Our strength lies in our ability to provide standardized, fully customized capping and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, to provide the perfect solution for your product, any system can satisfy customer-specific options or modifications.

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