A Simple Review of PHARMAPACK Pouch Desiccant Inserter Machine

Industry Demand For Desiccants Surges

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is growing every year. It is US$99.02 billion in 2021, and this number is expected to increase sharply in 2022, reaching nearly US$104.88 billion. The new crown epidemic has brought a huge impact on the national economy and people's lives. Under the epidemic situation, all sectors of society have noticeably increased their attention to the pharmaceutical packaging industry.


One of the biggest challenges facing the growing pharmaceutical packaging industry is how to protect healthcare products in safe storage. Even in plastic containers, tablets and pills are still exposed to moisture and oxygen, because moisture and oxygen can penetrate from the external environment to the inside of the package. They not only affect the chemical and physical stability of medicines but also produce peculiar smells.


One of the important components of the pharmaceutical industry is the desiccant moisture absorber. The desiccant absorbs moisture and controls the moisture content. Desiccant used in pharmaceuticals reduces the moisture content in the medicine to maintain quality and extend the life of the medicine.


PHARMAPACK Provides Solutions For the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

 To help the pharmaceutical industry overcome this challenge, experienced packaging machine manufacturers such as PHARMAPACK have designed a dedicated desiccant inserter machine for the industry. The Desiccant inserter machine is aimed at companies that have been manually inserting desiccant into the packaging and want to take the next step towards a fully automated high-speed production line. PHARMAPACK is designed for companies that already have high-speed production lines and want to improve the reliability of desiccant inserter machines, or for companies that free themselves from other Inserter machine manufacturers.


The Desiccant inserter machine can automatically insert the desiccant pouch into the medicine packaging at high speed. It has become the golden machine in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Using an Inserter machine is a very cost-effective way. PHARMAPACK's Pouch Desiccant Inserter Machine is in a leading position in the industry. It can be used for desiccant sachet, oxygen absorbers, Sensormatic safety strips, and various other products. With its in-line design, the device requires only a small conveyor belt space to operate, allowing it to squeeze into tight packaging lines, making it ideal for pharmaceutical and food packaging.


"Our customers recognize that Pouch Desiccant Inserter Machine is a piece of mature, intelligent packaging equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Through tailor-made, it can meet different special requirements and speed levels. Using our production facilities, we can make products Push them to customers all over the world more quickly, especially for the customized requirements of customers. "This is PHARMAPACK's accurate prediction of the pharmaceutical packaging market.

A Mature Pouch Desiccant Inserter Machine


Desiccant inserter machine PID-20 is specialized equipment designed to cut the desiccant sachet automatically and insert it into bottles, cartons, and bags which are filled with tablets, pills, capsules, or another solid medicament. It is designed for the industry of pharmaceutical, health care, and foodstuff, and other similar fields. It’s one of the important inserter machines of the PHARMAPACK smart bottle packaging line


Its compact structure and fine design allow for easy maintenance and conform to GMP standards equipped with Servo-driven and PLC control system with a touch screen offering easy and reliable operation. Its speeds up to 200 bottles per minute. 

Technical Parameter of PID-20



Max. speed 

200 bottles/min

Air pressure


Air consumption


Power supply

AC460V 50/60Hz 400W





Product Superiority

(1) National standard drafting unit; industry-standard revision unit; in line with GMP and FDA standards

(2) Advancement: full intelligent control, intelligent online detection.

(3) Economical and efficient: ingenious structure, small space occupation. Low energy consumption. Low maintenance costs.

(4) Wide range of applications: used in pharmaceutical, food, health care, daily chemical, biological and other industries.

Packaging Delivery

The PHARMAPACK Desiccant Inserters cover all over the world and are sold well in the overseas market. At present, Pharmapack electronic tablet counters have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. We have successfully provided line installations for many well-known companies.

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