Top 5 Benefits of Pharmapack Automatic Counter

In today's world of digitalization, everything has become standardized. There has indeed been a renaissance in the IT industry from automated rice makers to automated tablet counters. The automatic counter realizes high-efficiency production. Such machines automatically count tablets once the sample is loaded into the tablet counter, after which the results are precise and swifter in comparison to manual labor involved.

Here at Pharmapack, the automatic counter is our prized possession. It is gradually being sold to a myriad of businesses out there, owing to the statistical accuracy that it can endow you with. 

The Working Principle of the Automatic Counter:

With the assistance of these tablet counters, which are widely available in the form of an automatic tablet counter, you can reap a ton of advantages, which we will be expanding upon within this article in some time. 

These machines help you count tablets automatically once a sample is put into it and propelled via a tube. Here, the automatic counter will use either an optical or an electrical sensor to give you an exact count of the tablets inserted into the bottles. 


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Characteristics of the Pharmapack Automatic Counter:

A few reasons why the Pharmapack Automatic counter stands out and is helpful for corporations engaged in research and other medicinal work is because:

  1. It can fill up to      400 bottles within a minute efficiently.
  2. Few change parts      and footprints while being integrated into the packaging line.
  3. No hidden tablet      traps.
  4. Quick and      practical.
  5. There is an      in-built tablet Inspection option. 
  6. Counting and      bottling simultaneously to prevent loss of time. 
  7. It consists of      three grades plates that can vibrate and have 8 channels that aid in      delivering and separating products to avoid overlapping. 
  8. A bottle rejection      mechanism is in place.
  9. Accommodating      containers of all sorts, from a square, to oval and rectangular, with a      height of 160 mm. 
  10.  User-friendly interface.


Why is the Automatic Counter a good choice?

Some reasons that make the automatic counter a keeper for any business include:

It is immensely cost-effective:

One of the perks of having an electronic tablet counter at your disposal is that it removes the need to hire additional workers when you can get the job done by having a good automatic counter by your side. When you consider counting specific medicine doses, these counters are your best friends and help you accomplish a series of tasks. 

Highly accurate in terms of calculation:

There is no risk of any statistical error being incurred when you have these counters by your side. The patented gate flow design is there to eliminate the probability of any miscounting from occurring. Hence, with no distractions and urges to rest, this machine creates the greatest value for you.


Saves your precious time:

Time is money! There is no need to recount or have any breaks to rely on; the automatic counter can complete the most efficient counting work in the shortest time. It maximizes production efficiency and saves production time, creating greater profits for the enterprise. The automatic counter also saves costs. With just a one-time investment, it will be your helper for an eternity to come!

The five benefits of Pharmapack automatic counter:

A few advantages of the Pharmapack automatic counter are that it:

1.Productivity increase up to 250%

Pharmapack automatic counter can increase productivity by a whopping 250%. Hence the performance is unrivaled, and it provides you immense flexibility when it comes to setting it up on different tablets or capsules of your choice.

2.Compact Design

The design is also compact and secure, which is a bonus. It can detect any breakages, and if that is the case, the automatic system will alert you immediately. Not to forget that it also has a real-time monitoring alarm display system which enhances your safety chances.


3.Speed up to 400 Bottles per minute

Speed up to 400 bottles per minute is another feather in the cap. This means that you can easily bid goodbye to manual labor and increase your supply with the Pharmapack automatic counter. This efficient automatic table counter can save more unnecessary costs for enterprises.

4.Tablet Inspection System

The tablet inspection system, as mentioned above, is a unique way to ensure that if there are any cracks on the bottle, then you can be notified on the spot. This is personally one of the reasons why the product is noticing a surge in its popularity. 

5.CE, UL Certified

CE and UL certified is the accreditation that this automatic counter has been able to claim. What this means is that quality control is unparalleled, and with this machine, you neither risk hygiene nor your safety as the rate of the tablets breaking is as close to nil. In addition, pharmapack, as a leader in China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, currently has more than 100 national patents. Thus, the product quality of Pharmapack can be confirmed. Our products have always received good feedback from customers.


The Bottom Line: You Are at The Right Place with Pharmapack

Pharmapack is a company that boasts several years' worth of experience in dealing with smart packaging systems. Pharmapack is a state-certified high-tech enterprise with more than 120 patents. Our scientific research has contributed to the advancements in electronic counting and anti-counterfeiting ink-jet technology. We always believe that change begins with innovation. We are committed to improving our product range by applying the latest technology and resources to provide our customers with high-quality and cost-effective products.

From old customers to new ones, we have developed a stellar reputation for themselves on the market. The Pharmapack automatic counter is a great feat, which has several years of development and research to come into existence. The objective was to craft an item that would reduce imprecision, save time, and overall be affordable. From high-quality assurance to the latest high-tech equipment, Pharmapack has left no stone unturned in ensuring that you, as well as other stakeholders within your company, are offered the very best. 

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