An Ultimate Guide to Know about Inspection Machine

Quality and safety are crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. Patients' health depends on the purity of active ingredients, adherence to the industry's standards and regulations, but also on the quality of bottles, vials, and ampoules. The latter is ensured with an inspection machine. Even though such a machine is a much-needed addition to anyone working with these products, there's a lot to know about it. Scroll down to learn more about the inspection machine and how to choose one.

▪How does the inspection machine work?

The inspection machine relies on cutting-edge technology and specific configurations to evaluate whether products meet required standards and regulations or not. These machines also work to detect faults, impurities, and other irregularities in products they analyze. 

In this case, the inspection machine assesses bottles, vials, and ampoules used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. The main technologies used by inspection machines include conductive metal detection, vision systems, X-ray equipment, and check weighing. 


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▪Applications of inspection machine

The inspection machine is primarily used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It can also have a purpose in the beauty industry in companies that work with vials and ampoules. More precisely, the automated inspection system is applied in fields where it's necessary to assess the quality of delicate packaging types such as bottles, vials, and ampoules that will hold specific amounts of certain compounds, remedies, serums, among other things. 

▪Is the inspection machine worth the investment?

If you do not have an inspection machine, it's natural to wonder whether the investment is worth it. The short answer would be – yes, but you need more details than this. It all comes down to demand for such units. The demands for inspection machines are going up parallel to the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, where the quality of the bottles, vials, and ampoules is crucial for the purity and effectiveness of their contents. 


The market of inspection machines is estimated to reach $871 million by 2025. For comparison's sake, this market was worth $671 million in 2020. What is the cause of inspection machine market growth? Several factors are involved, and the increased adoption of inspection systems in production lines is one of them. Companies adopt these inspection systems primarily due to strict standards and regulations. The government and regulatory bodies introduce various mandates and criteria a manufacturer needs to meet in order to comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Besides the abovementioned factors, other reasons behind the increasing growth of the inspection machine market include:

  • Increased product recalls.
  • A higher number of inspection checkpoints in the production line.
  • Technological advancements in the inspection systems.

In other words, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries need inspection machines to keep up with ever-growing demand and even stricter standards. These standards and regulations are intended to make products safer for patients and avoid the abovementioned recalls, which happen quite often.

An inspection machine is a great investment. Not only is the market growing, but also these machines ensure you meet all the rules and criteria to deliver high-quality products to the consumers. All these can only improve branding and lead to more sales as a company positions itself as a reliable supplier.


How to choose the best inspection machine?

As seen throughout this post, an automated inspection machine is a valuable addition to your business. Not every machine will yield the same effects, though. Like it always happens, some units are better than others. 

When you're looking for an inspection machine, the first thing you need to consider is the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are reliable and trustworthy, whereas others are not. Your goal is to get an inspection machine from a brand known for the quality of its products and services.

The next thing to look for is customer service. Sure, everyone can reply to an email, but that's not always helpful. You need to choose an inspection machine made by a brand whose experts give you specific information to fix the problem. That way, if problems occur, you already have someone who's going to handle them proactively with proper and polite communication.

Additionally, you should choose an inspection machine that meets international standards and regulations. Of course, it should comply with GMP.

The finest inspection machine can recognize even the tiniest imperfections and faults on bottles, vials, and ampoules. The better the detection, the more useful is the inspection machine. 

Choose the inspection machine that provides ultra-high resolution. This resolution makes it easier to detect the smallest defects. The ideal inspection machine should have a user-friendly interface, and it needs to be easy to operate. 


▪Why Pharmapack inspection machine (PIM-72)?

When it comes to the inspection machine purchase, Pharmapack's PIM-72 machine is a perfect choice. This continuous inspection machine weighs about 3300kg and is powerful enough to process 600 vials per minute at a steady speed and 800 vials per minute at max speed. The machine features camera detection, which checks for the presence of foreign matter, liquid level, impurity, or crack in the cap and body. If a bottle or vial doesn't meet the requirements, it will be rejected by the inspection machine. On the other hand, if it meets the requirements, the machine will send that bottle or vial to the receiving tray.

The PIM-72 inspection machine has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate. Made of stainless steel, the inspection machine meets GMP guidelines and complies with international standards.


The inspection machine is a valuable investment in the quality, safety, and effectiveness of specific products. These machines are so important that their market keeps expanding. The best supplier of an inspection machine for your needs is Pharmapack, founded in 2002. Our company is well-known for our machines that use advanced technology in order to do the "job" quickly and successfully, without errors. We have over 120 patents under the belt. So, if you are looking for an inspection machine, you should definitely invest in the best option out there. That way, you can be confident in the safety of your products. 

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