LFIM-72 Continuous Inspection Machine
LFIM-72 Continuous Inspection Machine
Maximum Production Speed:800 Vials/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed

                      800 Vials/min

   Steady speed

                      600 Vials/min

   Bottle dia.


   Bottle height


   Machine height


   Test item

Foreign matter/impurity/liquid level/bottle body/cap

   Power consumption


   Power supply

          AC380V-400V, 50/60Hz

   Compressed air


   Air consumption


   Machine dimension/ L*W*H

Approx. 3508mm(L)×2125mm(W)×2500mm(H)

   Machine weight

                   Approx. 3300Kg

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The function of PIM-60 Continuous Inspection Machine : camera detection,which is used to detect whether there is foreign matter, impurity, liquid level , crack in the bottle body and the cap meet the filling requirements.It will be reject when the bottle do not meet the filling requirements, If the bottle of penicillin, ampoule or oral liquid meets the requirements, it will be sent to the receiving tray of qualified products or output to the next equipment.

PIM-60 Continuous Inspection Machine is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, to realize the detection of sylin bottles, ampoules and oral liquid bottles.


1. The system adopts micro-computer control and touch screen. Parameters adjustment is convenient and visual.

2. Applicable to label on bottles of different sizes.

3. All parts including bottom cabinet, conveyor, barrier and fastening pieces are made of stainless steel and aluminum material which are rustles and environmental, and are in conformity with GMP regulations.

4. System control parts meet international standard, and have passed strict quality checking process.

5. Easy to operate and maintain with advanced monitoring and alarm system.

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