Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pharmapack Automatic Counter

The pharmaceutical industry relies on the continuous evolution of current and development of new processes and machines. Automatic counters have contributed to the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry in more ways than one. If you're looking for one such machine, Pharmapack is the ideal choice. Below, you can learn more about the benefits of these units and why the Pharmapack automatic counter is the best option. 


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Advantages of the automatic counter in the pharmaceutical industry

Before we focus on the reasons to choose Pharmapack's automatic counting machine, it's useful to address the advantages of these machines in the first place. Here's how the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from these units:

Increased productivity – automatic counting machine is fast. They can process hundreds of pills, tablets, and capsules in a matter of seconds or minutes. These machines take less 

· time to process a large number of tablets, meaning the productivity of a company in the pharmaceutical industry goes up.

· Cost-effectiveness – while manual counting seems cheap, the reality is entirely different. You need to take into account the time that goes into the process of counting. Since it takes longer, the productivity is low, and it results in low income. That's more expensive in the long run than the automatic counter machine.

· Error-proof – these machines don't miscount, which would cause financial problems in the long run, but also jeopardize patients.

Besides the abovementioned advantages, it's also useful to mention automatic pill counter is precise, accurate, durable, and easy to use. All these benefits add to the quality of the products, efficiency in the process of manufacturing and sales, and thereby bigger revenue.

Considerations when buying automatic counters

The vast selection of automatic counter machines on the market can be overwhelming, especially if you have never dealt with these units before. It can be difficult to determine which automatic pill counter to choose. To make the best choice, you need to consider the following:

· Automation software and hardware – different automation counter machines have different hardware and software. That's why you need to make sure the machine you choose has cutting-edge technology in order to operate smoothly. 

· Quality compliance – make sure the automation counter you choose complies with all the standards and regulations.

· Production capacity – get informed about the production capacity of the machine and ensure the one you choose meets your needs and the number of pharmaceuticals you produce

· Type of pharmaceuticals you produce – some machines only count capsules, others tablets, and some of them can handle different kinds of pharmaceuticals. Go for the machine that handles the pharmaceuticals you make.

· Budget – like with everything else, your budget plays an important role here. Ideally, you should choose an automatic counter machine that provides the best quality for the price. In other words, the combination of quality and reasonable price is always the best. 

Top 5 reasons why you should choose Pharmapack automatic counter

Automatic counter brings a lot to the table and may take the processes in your company to a whole new level. The trial and error approach in the selection of automatic counter isn't the right thing to do; it costs time and money. For that reason, you should go for the best option at the very beginning. And the best machine to choose is Pharmapack's automatic counter PP-24 MS. Below, you can see why. 


1.Modular design

The term modular design refers to a design principle where a system is subdivided into smaller parts named modules. All these parts can be independently modified, created, replaced, or repaired. The PP-24MS automatic counting machine has a fully modular design where total modules are created as unique and have separate parts. The benefits of a modular design are numerous. This kind of machine design minimizes costs, enables faster and easier customization, simplifies information processing, and it's easier to replace or repair a single module without changing anything else on the machine. 

2.Voice coil servo vibration 

The automatic pill counter from Pharmapack features voice coil servo vibration. That means the company goes one step beyond traditional electromagnetic vibration used in this industry. This is good news, of course. You see, voice coil servo vibration provides more intelligent control and better stability. Plus, the noise is also reduced in this case. This is particularly useful if we bear in mind the noise can be quite irritating when electromagnetic vibration is involved. 

3.Accurate camera detection and elimination system

Accuracy in counting tablets or capsules requires cutting-edge technology, and Pharmapack's machine checks this box easily. What makes this machine stand out is its high accuracy in-camera detection and elimination system. The latter is particularly significant. After all, it is necessary to ensure smooth and safe elimination or ejection of the inspected tablets or capsules. The elimination should be completed without causing damage. That's what this automatic counter performs easily. 


4.Online static weighing system

The quality of the automatic counter depends on the weighing system. Many machines of this kind don't have an automatic weighing system, which further complicates the process of counting capsules or tablets. Accuracy is jeopardized as well as the overall productivity. That being said, Pharmapack automatic counter PP-24MS features an online static weighing system that is automatic and provides more stable weighing performance. In turn, this improves system integration and accuracy. 

5.Faster counting speed & better dustproof effect 

The pharmaceutical industry is all about precision and accuracy. For that reason, it is essential that automatic counters help your company achieve these goals. The good thing is that Pharmapack's PP-24MS can do it successfully. How? This machine's counting speed is 50% higher compared to the traditional unit. Additionally, thanks to the integral voice coil servo vibration, the machine also achieves better sealing performance. The dustproof effect is easier to maintain, plus it also protects tablets or capsules the machine is counting. 


Pharmapack is one of the most reliable names in the industry of automatic counter machines. Our PP-24MS is the best option if your goal is to get a fully automated, modular, fast, precise, and accurate unit.

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